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  1. Several days this week I have logged in to a trashed base, and on days I have not logged in I've been told it is happening, as Fun and I keep in contact regarding the status given the situation. I will state categorically I have never once been part of killing a player to my knowledge in my entire time on the server. I have never partaken of taking someone hostage, nor known any of our group to have done so, and definitely not recently, nor at our home location. The griefing is in the form of specifically unloggable destruction/entry, followed by the emptying of our crates, with no RP from any individual or group occurring. When IU logged in today, I took the above pictures as proof of at the very least bad RP, but this is far from the first time, just the first time we've caught them at it with images. I would agree with Fun that if they could provide a date and time range for you to search, you could easily verify any such action, but simply searching my logs will tell you exactly how often it is that I damage any player character, and I have taken great pains to stay on the green side of the RP on this server for obvious reasons, and would take a dim view of any of my friends both in game and IRL damaging that.
  2. Comment removed unless requested by admin.
  3. Daemon

    Okay... This Fog.

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  4. Daemon

    Attempted RDM: Tisy Mil 2019-02-08, 02:51

    The only corrections to the story from my side are that I only fired once, and the words were "Shit, sorry!" immediately after. This was totally an error; just first day hostile encounter jitters. Sent a PM apologizing as well. E: Sythara was the player robbed, but that was a legit RP sscenario and so doesn't bear on my error. He was not present and only on comms.
  5. Daemon

    Hey All

    Hi everybody! Just stated playing last night and already managed a good roleplay and a screwup. Hoping to have more of the former and less of the latter as I go; I'll see you all in Chernarus!
  6. Daemon

    Attempted RDM: Tisy Mil 2019-02-08, 02:51

    It was me. I was saying "Shit sorry" after the shot, and i apologize again. I am new and haven't gotten rid of all my public server reflexes yet. That said, you killed me (and despite my lack of weaponry I had looted the rest of the base so I was topped up), and then robbed a friend guilty of nothing more than going to meet me, so I'd say we're square, no? Sorry once more. I'll be more careful in the future, and I hope to see you around!
  7. Daemon is a college student from New York. He is tall, Caucasian, brunette, with green eyes. He generally prefers jeans, but given the circumstances he's learned to be flexible in everything but diet - some things (or some ones)are not meant to be eaten. A General Studies major, he figured instead of bumming around Europe like his classmates did for their summer, he'd go to the Caucusus and wander for a month or two. Big mistake. By the time the news reached him in the back country, he barely had time to get to the coast of the Black Sea and buy his way onto a ship with an additional promise of work as a strong back. After surviving the outbreak, several attacks (zombie, survivor, and pirate), and the intervening time, the most recent shipwreck was more than a little anticlimactic. It leaves him separated from the few people he's known since everything happened, all his supplies, and with little idea of what comes next...excerpt that he wants to survive and, even more, he wants to live. He's become tired of moving from place to place, and he's looking for a piece of land to claim, clear, and call his own. He'll be building a home, looking for his friends, and trying to gather survivors together under their banner. Daemon left a family behind in his hometown in Atlanta:
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