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  1. Funiculus

    Fifty Two | Open To IC Interest

    Good luck guys; hope to run into you out there!
  2. There are certain individuals who will change locks on a base even if they didn't take anything from you. It kinda feels like a dick move (at least it did when it happened to me), though they did have an IC reason for it (still felt assinine, but as long as there was a reason...). I also came back online to find someone had removed the gate from the base. Luckily, I had the material to make a gate on me. I suggest logging out with metal wire and pliers if you log inside your base just in case these "comedians" find you. -_-
  3. Funiculus

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Had fun running into your guys around Severograd and the RP that followed was suitably tense and interesting; I'm afraid almost none would give me their names to tag, but still good!
  4. Funiculus

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    o7 So long and thanks for making a place worth going!
  5. Funiculus

    The Asylum

    Good luck!
  6. Funiculus

    Černaruští Zdejší - Media Thread

    Tom's first time meeting the latest addition to his trade route; keep up the good work guys, things looked damned impressive!
  7. *Tom sits on a rock overlooking the town beyond and pushes the PTT* "To the local gentlemen who discussed the leather sewing kit with me; we should talk; I think you had some unwanted visitors while you slept." *Tom releases the PTT*
  8. Yep, we tried that, for some reason, the little bag for the tent is now under the terrain, which is preventing us from interacting with it. But you are correct, that is how to pack a tent.
  9. So at some point one of our tents merged itself into surrounding terrain and can no longer be picked up. We tried a variety of ways to pack it, no luck. The tent has unfortunately been found since and gets emptied out, so it's of no value as a stash spot. If no one can force it to pack up, could I actually request it be deleted so that the item goes back into the loot table and we'll have a chance to spawn it from there?
  10. Not encouraging anything outside of the rules; I have had plenty of tents get up and walk off in the night; and those map edges are an almost silly buffet of equipment. I have not had a hard time locating a tent either, like anything, you will stumble over it while looking for something else (I actually found 2 medium tents in Berezino while on my way to look for nails). It's just the way the loot gods are. Hell, make a radio broadcast and trade for one; odds are someone out there can part with one (I have a spare at the moment, for example). My point being that there's a lot of ways to acquire tents.
  11. *Tom pushes the PTT on his radio* "Lieutenant Colonel; I can't tell you who currently controls the Castle at this particular hour, but if you're looking for supplies, I'm currently hauling several kills worth of fresh meat from my last hunt and looking to trade. I'd avoid the area there, been a lot of fighting over the last week. If you want to meet somewhere, we can and I'd be happy to trade some of this food with you." *He would release the PTT*
  12. The key is to find where someone else has set up a tent and make off with it. The most common place those spawn is along the western and northern map edges. (Medium tents spawn in residential, large in military, and car tents in industrial)
  13. Really enjoyed the fighting event @montym put together and the people who participated; I'm afraid I don't know all the tags, but thank you for showing up, dealing with the delay, and participating.
  14. Was a good night running into @Isaiah Cortez and @Scarlett while Tom was building the fire for all the rain coming down. Also @Sythara, @Monty, and whoever played Dan who were all helping build up the pub.
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