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  1. https://www.youtube.com/embed/edBYB1VCV0k
  2. *Thomas pushes the PTT* "No; we lost contact with them around Svergino. Someone had crashed a car on the bridge near the eastern edge of the city; my group stopped to take a look, the others headed on. We haven't seen them since. We got attacked by wolves after moving north out of the city. Never seen them so damned strong. Between the fog and our inability to kill the wolves off; we got trapped. I haven't heard them in hours, but they may still be in the area. I regret we didn't find parts for that busted up car. Just couldn't find a spark plug." *Thomas releases the PTT and peers outside at the woods beyond the barn*
  3. *puzzled to hear someone, Thomas pushes the PTT* "Not sure what you mean; but if you heard some part of the attack, know that the area near Nagornoe is very dangerous. I've fought the wolves around here before; something is off about them. The closer we get to the areas that were irradiated, it seems like the infected and the wildlife are more dangerous than ever. Are you nearby? Might you have seen our other group?" *Thomas releases the PTT confused how anyone would mistake the dangerous world they're in for a movie*
  4. *Thomas Ofee's voice can be heard* "-team two was with us? Did you guys miss the tur-*static and unintelligible*- again, your status? Team two, I cannot hear-" *another voice can be heard* "Contact right!" *bursts of gun fire from a rifle can be heard followed by pistol fire* "Move! Move! Move! Get to the barn-*static*" *animal sounds and more gunfire fill the channel followed by someone screaming out on pain and the sound of a magazine hitting a wooden floor* "Get that door closed! Where's Ragnar?" *someone answers Thomas, but it's too far from the radio to be heard* *the sounds of a struggle and a heavy object sliding can be heard* "-bad? Ok, just watch that door." *Some howling can be heard and something crashing against wood* "Team two, if you're receiving, avoid the meet up point; we're surrounded by wolves...and there's something wrong with them. They're barely reacting to our bullets! I say again -*static*- and proceed with alpha-" *the speaker is interrupted by the sound of breaking wood and resumed gunfire before the channel suddenly goes quiet*
  5. *Tom picks up his radio and hits the PTT* "Mr Moody, you may not remember me; that's alright, we only met briefly. I was the hostage with the purple backpack carrying the the only rifle Clayton's men didn't steal when I was in your town. I would speak to you further about what can be done to stop the incursions and bombings. I've got a small number of rifles with me, but we lack protective gear for the radiation, which drove us from the area. Are you offering such equipment and meds to those who can head up there to fight?" *Thomas takes his thumb off the PTT button and awaits to hear more*
  6. *Tom risks a rare transmission and pushes the PTT button* "Anyone in the northern reaches affected by the radiation; I must warn you there is fighting if you attempt to head directly south. I and others managed to make it through, but we had to dodge fighting around the big airfield and in Novaya." *He pauses, considering how to say what is next* "The corridor threading these locations, avoiding Lopatino and approaching Vybor appears to have another danger. Our group found two bodies of travelers that had been butchered on the road. Do not travel south alone. Do not use the roads." *Tom releases the PTT*
  7. Thanks! I'll do that. ?
  8. You're not alone, Carnage, it got us too and from what I hear, a few others. Guess there will be a run on tents and barrels, eh? Maybe we need to band together and form some kind of "tool exchange program" for these bursts of construction. Stay strong and remember that persistence patch is coming! ?
  9. Thanks! Mostly trying to get out of the way of people shooting at each other and hiding from the heavily armed patrols. But I'll hopefully find some people not leading zombie parades soon! Haha
  10. Hello; I'm new to the server, just started playing tonight; mostly kept my distance from people aside from the fellow who lead a train of zombies into me; but we managed to fight them off and then he ran off ahead of some squad that was hunting him. All very interesting! I continue to wander, trying to find the basics and hoping to find a relatively nice area to set up a camp and try to stay alive! Hope to see you out there!
  11. Thomas never was great at timing. His vacation to the Black Sea was no exception. Two friends, who had been before, convinced him that Odesa was just the break from the typical American vacations to Mexico or Hawaii that he needed. It seemed like a new adventure and a break from the monotony his life had fallen into. He thought he was escaping that trap of routine, but now he would do anything to have it back. As things unfolded, the situation went from bad to worse; he lost contact with his friends in the chaos, then managed to barter his way eventually onto a small fishing trawler to get away from the area. He threw his lot in with these men for some time until the ship broke down and finally sank, leaving him stranded in a new place whose language he does not speak and whose terrain he does not know.
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