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  1. My name is DeShawn Watts i am an african american male who grew up in a nice neighborhood in the city of Atlanta but hanging out with the wrong crowd got me into a lot of trouble i was in and out of juvenile hall and i grew up around the wrong people my mother was a hard working women who tried to get me to act right but i would never listen, eventually when i turned 18 i got a job at a gas station but quickly quit that a little bit after i finally came to my senses and started to act like a proper member of society, ive always wanted to travel the world and ive always wanted to go to Chernarus so i booked a plane ticket to there i hopped on the plane and landed in chernarus i stayed a few days but everything was off everyone was acting weird and the island was in a state of emergency and everything was locked down no one knew what was happening then people started to eat other people and i eventually figured out that a zombie outbreak was taking affect everything in the city was shut down and it was every man for himself i am using my past experiences to help me survive i want to join a group of people to further my chances of survival and rebuild a new world
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