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  1. Military and law enforcement background. No known living relatives, Pauls family was murdered by a now defunct criminal organization. Paul doesn't like to talk about the vicious attacks, and used the horrible tragedy to focus his attention on his job. Closest friends are members of his unit. Paul remained on active duty after the outbreak, and still considers himself a member of the US Armed Forces. He was stationed in a remote secret base just north of the US/Canada border. Almost 16 months after the outbreak Paul was tasked to head up a security detail escorting some of the last remnants of the CDC to a remote location in Chernarus thought to hold clues about the virus.. As the research team began to realize the evidence and data the were trying to acquire was no different than what they already knew, the team was attacked by unknown forces and a zombie horde was unleashed upon them. After watching his team get wiped out by the horde of zombies and with no way to leave Chernarus, Paul is looking to meet survivors and figure out his next moves
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