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  1. Can’t wait with the new throwing system if this gets added can’t wait to see people Jsut chucking babies around like its kick the baby off of South Park.
  2. DarkestSkies241


    Hey! I built there once (like a week ago) fun memories
  3. I’d like to request this group be archived.
  4. @RedSky Thank you for your feedback! I’ll be sure to look into it as we are trying to do our own form of anarchism like Nestor Makno made his own called Maknovism y’know? Mother Anarchy be with you.
  5. Wolf cant wait to knock your ass out again
  6. Everyone welcome the new men and women of The Black Army! Added - @Spicey - Conscript @Lori - Civilian Medic @MrFlexBreh - Conscript May Mother Anarchy watch over them!
  7. Thank you dude, hope to see you in game again soon!
  8. DayZ fucked with the Weight of everything, for example a plate carrier weighs 12 kg you slap 1kg pouches on it and it becomes 25kg you see my point? The admins have said they can’t fix the fuck up so I suppose we have to wait on DayZ to fix it or maybe this is just another ‘Feature’
  9. If you go look up who we are based on we are fighting for the freedom of the people just like Nestor Mahkno and his Black Army tried to do in the Russian Revolution. We wish to help the people and give them true freedom in the means of a direct democracy. The council is a system where the leaders of the groups will meet and discuss about whatever yknow so the groups can stay in touch and help each other out kinda like a EU or UN and also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_Insurrectionary_Army_of_Ukraine that's who were based off of, have a read. Thank you for your feedback. I can do a more in depth look into it in a discord call if you really wanted to Idm but it would have to be tomorrow @InactiveNate
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