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  1. Cold, wet, and dark.
  2. Sythara

    My Name's Fred Felker.... I'll be back. (Open Frequency)

    *Dan presses push to talk button on his radio* Have you ever been to journalism school? Your investigative reporter skills are atrocious. Spreading rumors about a place you know nothing about, planting fake evidence, and agitating residents of a small and peaceful town for your own is not what wins you a pulitzer prize. You said you worked for CNN, but your conduct suggests your employer was FOX News. *Dan releases the PTT with a grin, eyeing the M4 on his shoulder*
  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha

  4. Sythara

    rip random guy i never even got your name

    poor guy
  5. Danil Bogotov was born in Kubinka, Russia and spent his youth years pursuing study of medicine and natural sciences. At the age of 18 he was conscripted into the Russian army and sent off to support Russia's Counter-terrorist operations on territories of North Caucasian region; otherwise known as the second Chechen War. His time spent in Chechnya he was assigned to 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division working with GRU unit Zapad. Officially he was on a liaison team working with the Chechen unit to provide whatever is necessary for them to operate. However, Dan, was known to accompany the GRU on various missions. He never publicly spoke of what exactly his job was other than stating that he worked in a staff office as a supply mole. In 2008, Dan separated from the Russian military with the rank of Senior Sergeant. He traveled back to Kubina, and then to Moscow working as a security guard for a business firm. In 2014 he was living very well for someone of his position, and started to get involved in some illicit activities his firm was involved in. He operated as a security guard for one of the drug bosses and in early 2017 he was involved in shooting incident between two rival drug gangs. During the firefight, Dan managed to kill the son of the leader of a rival drug trafficking organization. As subsequent peace talks between two gangs, an agreement was reached but one of the terms was that the killer of leader's sub would be handed over as compensation. Upon discovering this, Dan packed up what little he had and fled south. First he went to Volgograd, and eventually ending up in Odessa, Ukraine. Few days after arrival, the outbreak began in Chernarus.
  6. Sythara

    I know most like to kill people but...

    so are so right
  7. The current state of the area is that everything has been destroyed sans one half wall.
  8. Sythara


    Tons of people
  9. *A quiet message interrupted by static comes the open frequency. It is clear that it is being transmitted from a long distance* Stan, this is Ragnar (static) wrong turn (static) Are you still (static) pumpkin seeds? (static) et me know. (static) transmission. *message ends*
  10. *Ragnar raises an eyebrow at clearly interrupted message. A moment later he presses the PTT button* Roger that, pumpkin seeds indeed. I'll try to find you up there. Hope it's the correct 'old' I'm thinking about, probably cathedral. *He releases the PTT and eyes the rising sun*
  11. *slight Russian accent is heard over the open frequency as Ragnar presses PTT on his LRPR* Hello Stan, this is Ragnar. I repeat, hello to Stan this is Ragnar. You may or may not remember me from an adventure to the north city. I have a present for you, if you can please contact me so we can meet up at your earliest convenience that's be great. End transmission. *Ragnar releases the PTT button and stashes the radio into his vest pocket without turning it off*
  12. @jax72 I am the third member of our small 3 man team and I can categorically tell you that I have not taken a hostage or even shot (much less) killed another player. I reported the griefing yesterday in a report that could not be validated because no buildings were broken. Now I do have a Russian accent, not a fake one since I'm Russian myself so I can see how it may play against me in this situation, but logs will prove that I am also telling the truth. Here is the link to my report from yesterday
  13. Thank you for your time you spent researching this matter. I looks like there is nothing that can be done about this so I would say this can be closed until such time when another occurence happens. Upon which I'll generate new report and hopefully something can be done to catch the psychopath teenagers who think ruining others gameplay is fun.
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