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  1. Hello everyone! Just joined the server a couple days ago. Been running around trying to not get eaten by the infected. Ran into a couple of interesting folks so far. Looking to meet you all out there!
  2. ((Assuming infection took place in 2017 and it is 2019 as it is now)) A former Russian military conscript stationed at Sevastopol in mid 2000s. After his conscription term has ended he desired to stay in Crimea as an IT contractor for the local Russian military port. After the outbreak, he and several of his friends were able to commandeer a fishing vessel to escape the wave of infected sweeping towards Ukraine (Crimea being part of Russia at this point). Sailing for several months the crew managed to find few safe harbors off the coast of both Ukraine and Turkey. They essentially became sea fairing nomads traveling the Black Sea searching for a place that is safe from infection. After a long time traveling they managed to arrive to area of Green Sea where their fishing vessel finally gave out. It started as a broken and rusted seal around where the long non functioning engine was, and led to entire ship being flooded in minutes. All of the crew jumped overboard and started to swim to what they thought was the coast line they all saw the previous day.
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