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  1. Sythara

    S1 - BadRP/ trollRP - Pustoshka barn - around 00:00 27-4-2019

    Danil Bogotov's POV I honestly don't remember a thing about this incident, and with my memory problems I am not surprised as I didn't make any notes regarding this encounter. I saw my name in the logs, and I think I saw my character in a video, but that's all I can see. The logs indicate an emote from my character of "*sits down in dark corner not too far away from people*", which tells me that there were too many people around me to interact in any meaningful way. Oddly enough, my social anxiety translates into this game too when being around a ton of people all talking. I am sorry but I genuinely cannot recall anything meaningful to add to this report.
  2. Thank you very much @Eagle for clarifying the incident. This is exactly why I posted as I had no idea who it was that shot me so had no way to reach out. I would like to request the report has been closed as in my opinion Eagle followed all rules as prescribed and I don't think staff need to occupy their valuable time with this any further.
  3. What the video does not encompass here is the time gap between the initiation and being shot. My recordings only go back as 15 minutes so the initiation happened sometimes before then. I am not sure if that is reasonable or not, considering the threatening individual never identified where I should not go, they simply said "get the fuck away from us" followed by very colorful language along with display of automatic firepower. In the time that has passed, that team could have been anywhere and frankly I think it was reasonable for a prudent person to conclude that you all have left the area and are not camping for people that go on a major road from Pustoshka to Vybor. This is, of course, up to the admin who are able to interpret the rules and their application much better than I. If it is ok, (please let me know or if I should delete this reply), I would like to address the the super soldier allegation which refers to rule 4.4 violation. I was genuinely confused as to what was happening when being told to bugger off followed by gunfire at the ground. Rule 4.4 states Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims before it addresses the super soldier claim. The only RP that was given was being told that if I didn't want to end up like my friend (who was taken hostage) then I should bugger off. In this instance my understanding of colloquial meaning of 'bugger off' means "go away" (had to look it up) and since the other parties were the ones moving away from me, this task is accomplished as long as I do not follow them.
  4. Server and location: Server 1, Road from Pustoshka to Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-27, 02:30 give or take some minutes Your in game name: Danil Bogotov Names of allies involved: There were few people with me on the road but can't remember Name of suspect/s: No idea, please see hit log Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: At the time of death myself and several other people were traveling from Pustoshka to Vybor to see if we find what happened when I saw @Xehara's character being force to leave town with her hand up. I was told not to follow by people directly involved, but that was over 10 minutes ago so there is no way someone was sitting out there with a sniper for that long looking specifically for me. In the mean time we had another incident with some guy wearing blue hunter jacket who told us not to follow him. But in that instance we had no way of knowing where he went and he did not tell us. So without any actual details of who killed my character I cannot say exactly which rule was broken. If it were a party not involved, then I was KOS'ed and not initiation on properly in accordance with rule 4.1 If it were the hostage takers who told me not to follow some time ago I think this is a violation of 4.3 with ruleplay coming to mind, as I was in a group of few other folks and at distances I was shot at I don't think it was possible to positively identify the identity of their target. If it were the blue hunter jacket guy, then he also violated 4.3 as we had no idea which way he went, so to snipe someone in this situation simply because he technically had kill rights after pointing his rifle at us for a minute is ruleplay and bad RP. No attempt was made to communicate who exactly killed me and using what justification at or after the incident. If this was a legit kill, I will be more than happy to retract this report.
  5. I would like to request Mods drop this report. While I still believe I was in the right that I personally did not hear the initiation; more likely than not, the reason behind this is my game volume was set too low and discord too high. I personally would like to see a better initiation from the members involved, but in this instance they were under the impression that I heard it since other people in my vicinity had. My apologies for the trouble folks and hope we can all keep this OOC and behind us.
  6. Server and location: S1, Pustoshka Grave Yard Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-24, 22:07 Your in game name: Danil Bogotov Names of allies involved: @Xehara Name of suspect/s: Please see hit log Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We are hanging out in graveyard in Pustoshka when bunch of people roll up with their guns drawn. I take up a position in one of the towers. As this is happening, I faintly hear a megaphone going off, but cannot make out anything it says. Then I finally hear a message directed at me (guy in tower) and before the message can even finish (that tells me that he will shoot me) and I get shot. This is a blatant disregard for rule 4.1 (All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.) Additionally, I believe this is also an example of Bad RP. The alleged offender rolls up into someone else's town with guns drawn, makes demands over megaphone and opens fire without an even attempted shred of RP past a unidirectional announcement without a way to confirm if those demands are received. Clearly, this individual was more concerned with "checking a box" on an initiation checklist rather than actually try to further a narrative or roleplay the reason they are there. As some may see, I was using a scope on my weapon as a way to zoom in closer. While some may try to argue that it is in itself a hostile act, I believe I am well within my right to look through my weapon on top of our tower, in our base, that is in our town. If I had to transition into a firefight situation, the precious seconds it takes to put a scope back on the weapon can mean difference between victory and defeat. It is simply unreasonable to think this would be expected.
  7. Two life long rivals come together to settle their differences in a fist fight. No, not really. An expert fist fighter offers lessons on intricacies of hand to hand combat
  8. Cold, wet, and dark.
  9. Sythara

    My Name's Fred Felker.... I'll be back. (Open Frequency)

    *Dan presses push to talk button on his radio* Have you ever been to journalism school? Your investigative reporter skills are atrocious. Spreading rumors about a place you know nothing about, planting fake evidence, and agitating residents of a small and peaceful town for your own is not what wins you a pulitzer prize. You said you worked for CNN, but your conduct suggests your employer was FOX News. *Dan releases the PTT with a grin, eyeing the M4 on his shoulder*
  10. Bwahahahahahahahaha

  11. Sythara

    rip random guy i never even got your name

    poor guy
  12. Danil Bogotov was born in Kubinka, Russia and spent his youth years pursuing study of medicine and natural sciences. At the age of 18 he was conscripted into the Russian army and sent off to support Russia's Counter-terrorist operations on territories of North Caucasian region; otherwise known as the second Chechen War. His time spent in Chechnya he was assigned to 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division working with GRU unit Zapad. Officially he was on a liaison team working with the Chechen unit to provide whatever is necessary for them to operate. However, Dan, was known to accompany the GRU on various missions. He never publicly spoke of what exactly his job was other than stating that he worked in a staff office as a supply mole. In 2008, Dan separated from the Russian military with the rank of Senior Sergeant. He traveled back to Kubina, and then to Moscow working as a security guard for a business firm. In 2014 he was living very well for someone of his position, and started to get involved in some illicit activities his firm was involved in. He operated as a security guard for one of the drug bosses and in early 2017 he was involved in shooting incident between two rival drug gangs. During the firefight, Dan managed to kill the son of the leader of a rival drug trafficking organization. As subsequent peace talks between two gangs, an agreement was reached but one of the terms was that the killer of leader's sub would be handed over as compensation. Upon discovering this, Dan packed up what little he had and fled south. First he went to Volgograd, and eventually ending up in Odessa, Ukraine. Few days after arrival, the outbreak began in Chernarus.
  13. Sythara

    I know most like to kill people but...

    so are so right
  14. The current state of the area is that everything has been destroyed sans one half wall.
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