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  1. Gregory Ugolini is a very troubled man. Gregory Ugolini grew up on a farm in the mid-west of the United States of America. From his birth, it was clear that "Grug" wouldn't be able to live without assistance from his family for the rest of his life. The boy would only refer to himself as "Grug", and talk about himself in the third person. With little to no hope for a higher education, Grug stayed on his family's berry farm, which he grew to love. Becoming fearlessly vegetarian, Grug would spend almost all of his time out with his fruit and vegetable friends. Soon, his passion soon turned to obsession. Grug, with the little help of a hard night of drinking, realized that he had the physical and mental power to teach the world of his fruits and vegetables. After a grocery store raid went awry with a cashier dead, Greg soon had many arrest warrants across 4 states. Realizing that America had too many bad apples to prove fruitful in his endeavors, Grug set sail across the Atlantic to Europe. He easily converted many European peasants to the way of Grug, and had a plentiful harvest before the outbreak. Grug becomes, the Gruggernaut. Seeing the new world as a pear-fect opportunity for a new age of Grug. Grug is moving across Europe at a frightening pace, converting anyone he finds to Gruggism. Known to many as "The Gruggernaut" Grug plans on establishing a world that will bear new fruit. Fear him. Fear Grug.
  2. **Maxim gazes over the frozen fields of his home country before pressing down on the PTT** "Privjet, I am interested in this talk about a New Haven. I have many goods to sell and I'd like a place to call home. Me and my associates would like to keep in touch, Ace. *Static fills the radio once more.*
  3. Especially cause it seems like less people are playing on Chernarus because of the winter.
  4. Sheriff


    Welcome to the community man! Have a great time.
  5. *Maxim gazes over the many headstones of his cemetery before pressing down on the PTT of his old radio.* The nice people of the Soup Kitchen, where have you gone? To anybody listening to this broadcast, I would be interested in any rumors regarding the ownership or status of the Soup Kitchen. Also, anyone in the market for antique weaponry? Good luck to everyone, Dasvidaniya. *Static fills the radio once more.*
  6. Welcome to the community man!
  7. Mod name: Persistent Doors Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1897971123 Reason to be added: As of now lock picks are just a temporary form of locking an area down. I know not everyone is capable of or wants to build a compound with walls, and this would just add a new but albeit temporary way to keep your items safe.
  8. Maxim Bobrov came from a wealthy farming family in northern Chernarus. A lifestyle focused around simplicity and little luxuries, Bobrov was used to the harsh climate and life of a farmer. With news of the outbreak spreading across the country, the Bobrov family chose to stay and protect their livelihood. This decision would soon come back to haunt them, as both bandits and an increasing number of infected plagued the farm, until the family was forced to move east towards the coast. However, the family would not get far, with roads being blocked and the constant danger of the new world. Maxim was soon left on his own to survive in the middle of the wilderness, as his family was now long gone.
  9. It's been almost 2-and-a-half years since the outbreak. How has your character left their mark on history?
  10. Welcome to the community man.
  11. Completely agree, finding canned food shouldn't be as easy as it is considering it's been over 2 years since the outbreak started. Opens up a lot more RP situations as people get more desperate for food.
  12. Totally agree. Needs to be a better balance between breaking into bases and building them.
  13. *Struggling with blood lose from his foot, Fitch Morrigan pushes down on the PTT.* "You told, me to apologize Mr. Kalo, well here I fuckin' am." *He takes a moment to collect himself, straining to get the words out.* "I, Fitch Morrigan, apologize to Bobby Kalo for failing to show proper respect to the man. Viva la motherfucking Roses." *He releases the PTT, as static takes over once again.*
  14. Fitch Morrigan is your standard, good-hearted American boy. Born in a small town of 500 people, his time spent during his childhood was mainly spent working the family farm and occasionally delivering the local newspaper around town. Following his Junior year in highschool, he was presented the opportunity to travel across Europe with a group of classmates. As soon as reports of outbreaks began appearing on the news, it was a priority of the group to get back home. However, the group was trapped, like thousands of other civilians in airports across Eastern Europe. Eventually, it was decided that the group should struck out on their own, but traveling across the continent, especially with the infected and airstrikes, took a toll on the group. Eventually, the numbers dwindled, until Fitch was left, utterly alone in the Chernarussian wilderness.
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