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  1. Alright, no worries I'll just reinforce some stuff, thank you.
  2. I have a little barn in Zelenogorsk that had the doorways covered with fences and gates. Woke up this morning to the bottom section of the walls destroyed. I know that it wasn't a Dayz problem because the containers I had inside the barn had some items taken out but not all of it, and the destroyed section was the only wall affected. It wasn't alot of items taken but should I report this nonetheless? EDIT: Also, I have no idea why someone would break in, I haven't made any enemies IC so I think this might have been some local banditry.
  3. Born into a family of law-abiding citizens on his family's ranch in West Texas, Poke Methuselah became an experienced lawman and served his community of 600 people. However, once local children went missing, the community shunned Poke for failing to bring their children back He never managed to catch the kidnappers, who vanished without a trace. This drove Poke into alcoholism, and soon be became a vagrant, wandering from place to place and seeking shelter among the wilderness or whatever he could sleep under. However, what he lacked in social skills he made up for in survival skills. Poke learned how to fashion anything and everything and sustain himself on almost nothing. It almost seemed like a coincidence when he found a brochure for a vacation in Chernarus in a trash can. Believing this was a sign from above to change his life around, Poke worked enough jobs and scraped together enough money for a plane ticket to Chernarus, one way only. While visiting the country, he noticed that the country was in far more disarray than the brochures had led him to believe, and a sense of duty came over him to once again take up the mantle of a peace-keeper. The village of Myshkino eagerly accepted his help as the village had little to no law enforcement, and soon Poke found himself patrolling Myshkino and it's neighboring areas. Along the way, Poke achieved a rudimentary understanding of the local language, but most of his translations came about from a local who spent time away at school and managed to translate for Poke. Soon enough, the local, by the name of Dima became a sort of deputy to Poke, and they formed a duo, and helped ensured the citizens of the village had a peaceful way of life. That all changed once the outbreak started. Reports came in from neighboring towns that a new plague was spreading across the country, but the current effects were unknown. Weeks after the first reports came in, a horde of the infected swarmed through the village and slaughtered it's inhabitants. Dima and Poke where no chance for the horde, and Dima was lost to the horde, screaming for Poke to leave him and to escape. With no other option, Poke ran off into the countryside, and has vowed to kill as many infected as possible in revenge for his friend. Additionally, he has no problem with putting down people with no respect for the law.
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