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  1. This was my point of view which I see now I am not fully in the right. I and an ally roleplaying as bandits known as the 'reapers' choose to rob others. in this situation we had held up a girl and were taking precautions as she was equipped with a KA - M. the original plan was to take her up to the tree line to ensure others couldn't help and engage in a true RP experience with the hostage once she was out of range. However, once the other individual became involved @Jean I believed he too was carrying a firearm (which I am aware now was an axe) and in my time of panic that a 2 on 2 situation would probably not end in our favour as we are fairly new to the DayZ world and still do not fully understand all mechanics in the game. The reason I took the shot on him was to diffuse the situation. in addition my ally was shouting for the man to stop walking but he didn't comply after many attempts, this could have been due to a microphone fault but this wasn't known to me at the time. when things began to escalate. we finally took the girl to the trees but by then we had to abort as we had drawn too much attention so we took some stuff and ran for the tree in hopes to backtrack to the nearby radio tower. the reason I logged out some time after was because there were some OOC things I had to deal with and could not leave my game running. this was not an attempt to escape or battle log from the server even though it will look bad on my behalf. unfortunately, I can't provide any evidence to support my claim but wholeheartedly I can say this was my POV of the situation. I am willing to take full responsibility for the actions I have done but if there is anything that can be done to fix this dilemma I will happily oblige. sincerely - Bagshaw
  2. As a tourist to Chanarus, with his girlfriend Jess, David was happy with his life and hoped for marriage when everything turned south. whilst on vacation, the mysterious outbreak is unleashed. David and Jess hunkered down in their hotel room for days they began to run low on food and other supplies so David left to scout for himself. hours later David had found enough food to last, hopefully, till the military gains control. upon returning to the safehouse Jess was gone, the room was a wreck and the place had been raided.
  3. a man in his mid-twenties, before the outbreak Jack worked a typical nine to five dead-end job for minimum pay. he was just another face in the crowd. he decided to follow up on a possible location of his father after he was considered MIA in a small state called chanarus in Russia. all access had been deadlocked following a recent infection outbreak. Jack joined the military and not even a months after basic training he was called to arms in chanarus for a peacekeeping mission. he was to arrive with the rest of his platoon by ship within days. hours away from their destination, a crew member turned which subsequently lead to the sinking of their ship. Jack unconscious body had made it to the shore and washed up on the beach where he awoke hours later. considering himself the sole survivor of the accident, Jack must now survive against the infection which has ravaged the world. Jack's plan is to find a group, find better equipment and find out what happened to his father.
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