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  1. My character is called Samuel Hale but is usually known as Hale. He is a 15 year old from England who dropped out of school to become a drug mule. He smuggles drugs for an English gang called "The Blue Beetles" across long distances. He lives with his mother Sophie Hale and his father Bill Hale died when Samuel was 3 years old. His mother is poor and they struggle to live. His mother works as a cleaner and gets paid minimum wage. So hale decided to take the job as a drug mule to help with money. Hale got told that if he delivered a set of drugs over to Hank James a gang member of the JBG in Chernarus he would be paid a huge amount, almost double than usual as it is in Russia. Hale took that offer and wished his mother goodbye and said that he loved her. That was the last thing Hale ever said to his mother. The next day he arrived at the airport and took the first flight to Krasnostav. When he landed one of Hank James' men picked him up and drove East to the city of Olsha. Hale met up with Hank James and delivered him the illegal substances which included several class A drugs and provided him a place to stay for the night. The next morning Hank took Hale to the airport as promised and that's when it happened. When they arrived the area was empty when it was usually busy. Hank was confused and pulled out the revolver he carries in his pocket. They stayed in their car and locked the doors. When suddenly something jumped onto the front window, Hale screamed and Hank shot it in the head instantly. At that moment Hale knew that he was never going to see his mother again. Hale panicked and Hank snapped at him telling him to "shut up". Hank took Hale in and taught him how to fire a weapon, and within 2 months Hale could fire most rifles and deal with the recoil sufficiently. Hale could now defend himself perfectly and his main aim was to get back to his mother back in England, in the mean time however he would do what he knew to keep himself going which was to help Hank James with his drug running business.
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