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  1. I will most certainly miss you guys. This group has always provided top notch RP. I have had so much fun defending the castle with you guys. Thank you for the great RP! Glory to the Liberation Front
  2. These are great! Please keep posting these because they are awesome.
  3. This is amazing work! Keep it up. You definitely deserve more beans.
  4. *An angry Irish accent is heard* "We don't need any presents or gifts especially from you." "You have already caused enough trouble around here and you have made the right fool of yourself." "Your behaviour was unacceptable and you started a fight with one of our guests." *Sighs* "I am going to give you another chance but if your behavior doesn't change you won't be allowed back." *Lights a cigar while waiting for a response*
  5. So happy to be a part of this group, we have had great RP so far and I can't wait for whats to come.
  6. I have not been robbed much in this lore. Most of the hostile RP I have had was Interesting and had good RP in it. I have been around most of the hubs and nobody has initiated on me. I think the best way to not get robbed is don't carry too many military weapons on your back and don't carry massive military bags. If your alone and your carrying loads of automatic weapons then of course somebody is going to want to rob you. Overall people have been robbing less in this lore compared to the last lore, however this could change because we have not fallen to total chaos yet.
  7. This looks cool! I enjoyed reading the group lore. Best of luck.
  8. I think it would be cool but only when the lore is older. I have already seen people running around in clown masks and its only been a month since the new lore has been introduced. I don't think people go crazy that quickly.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I think that the verdict is exaggerated because rule play is the intentional prioritization or misuse of kill rights over role play. I don't feel that I prioritized the kill rights over the role play. The car as lagging and spinning in the video and for our perspective the car and the man was still on the ground and it looked like he was going to escape. I don't think it would have been a KOS since I initiated. I think the only mistake here was me shooting him too quickly and not given him time to comply. Also I noticed after the encounter I have my voice on whisper which is the reason you can only hear me say it once in the video. This was indeed a mistake on my part and I should be more careful. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: According to the damage output it shows that I hit him in the head many times. This shows that i didn't know that he was lagging and if the car was doing flips like it was in the video for me then how did I hit him in the head If I did know that I would have given him time but It looked like he was trying to speed up. Another thing I would like to point out is when a car lags the vehicle moves in any direction for the people who are not in the car. This backs my statement that the guy looked like he was trying to escape and not trying to get out of the car. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Change my current punishment with a less severe one. What could you have done better?: Given the man more time to comply and check to see if my voice is on whisper or not.
  10. POV: Me, @AMERICA and @Murdoc drove to the hotel building near Kamenka. We went there to talk, trade some ammo and supplies with the people who owned the hotel. They were not there and we looked around. As we were about to leave @Murdoc said that someone was stealing our car. Me and @AMERICA ran outside and I took out my AK. I told the man inside the car to "Get out now man" Twice. I was also standing right at the door of the car. I did not hear a response from the guy and he started to drive. I then shot him and we took the car back. EDIT: I watched the video and compared it to my perspective. As you can see in the video the RPM needle was moving. This shows that the car was moving and from my point of view it looked like he was trying to escape. I didn't realize that he was lagging and didn't hear anything.
  11. I voted yes because I personally didn't like Livonia and I haven't played Deer isle. I don't think adding it will change the amount of people on the 2nd server but I would be willing to hop on and give it a try if it is added.
  12. We have been approved! LETS GO!
  13. I enjoyed the RP. Too bad I kept getting kicked out due to ping.
  14. It was great RP. I really enjoyed it. I hope we have more RP like that in the future.
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