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  1. Jordan Reath is a young male in his 20s whose his a field researcher to the CDC; he was tasked to visit the country of Chenerarus and investigate what is happening there. As well as searching for his lost coworker Emil; Emil was stationed in Chernarnus a year ago to offer medical assistance to the doctors there. Emil stopped reporting after 3 weeks of his arrival on the coast of Chernarus through the Green Sea. Jordan is tasked with finding Emil and finding out whats going on there. Jordan has had a small liking to Emil, he has always looked up to him as an older brother. When Emil never responded back to the head quarters, Jordan stormed the headquarters of the CDC and volunteered to find his lost friend. Jordan also promised Emil's family that he would bring him home. Jordan has blonde hair, blue eyes, and necklace with a ruby in it, give to him from his father. Before the outbreak, Jordan was a field researcher who worked for the CDC for 2 years in Africa, taking sample for malaria and Ebola . He has two boys, ages of 12 and 15, bright young boys. Oldest one inspires to be like his father, while the youngest one dreams of becoming an archaeologist. Jordan's wife Teresa is young Latino women, who is a nurse for a local hospital, before that worked for Doctors without Borders in Africa. She treated various patients and taught Jordan basic first aid skills. Jordan's father died in the military, and his mother is in a nursing home due to her old age. Jordan desires to save his best friend and figure out what in the world is happening in eastern Europe.
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