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  1. Johnson was born in America , but he had to leave is homeland because his parents got a Job in Chernarus (Elektro). It was a tough time for him to get on track in this new Country, but he made some good friends. His Mother died of Cancer and he was left alone with his Father. He teached him the ways of Survival and living in the wilderness. When the Virus broke out, his father went into town to help the other people. Johnson was left in a Shelter in the Woods that his father made for extreme purposes. Till now he is waiting for his return. But not anymore he wants to wait, cause he wants to fight the Virus and wants to find his father, dead or alive, he wants to know it.
  2. When I join on the Server I can walk for like 1 minute and then im getting kicked out cause I need to accept the new rules. I've put my username in Launcher as my on on the Website (Madmax98). I also have the Mods activated, am I doing something wrong?
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