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  1. My name is Tyler Jones and I was new recruit to the air force when I first arrived here on Chernarus. I had joined the air force with my brother I was just 20 years old when I joined. The U.S.A had me as long a 150 troops shipped to Chernarus to help on the Russian Front. I tried going to university after school but just was not the fit for me. So I joined the air force , this is also where I met my wife Megan. She was a strong caring woman. We both left the air force after 4 years. We wanted to stay here in Chernarus to start a family so we settled in Kozlovka, it was a small farm town just a few hundred in numbers. I was at my friends house watching a soccer game when we heard about the outbreak we joked about it at first. I was to dumb to see what this would bring to me. It had been 1 years after the outbreak and we had ran out of are food supply. I needed to head west to Zelenogorsk for food so I left my wife to stay and tend to the land at home. I got the food We needed and when I was half way back my tire popped. It took me 6 weeks to find my way back to my home, but when I got there my wife was gone and all that was left was a note saying "I will find you". So the next morning I set off back to Zelenogorsk, I was never found her. Now I roam Chernarus hunting and scavenging for survival.
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