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  1. Yes, around 130 volcanoes here. Couple of glaciers, thousands of hot springs ?
  2. Marlyn Thorsgeir. engineer in Electrozavorsk, hired by one of the foreign companies operating here. He came to here as a contractor, specializing in high voltage electricity infrastructure. He know Chernarus very well, he was constantly working in the field, overseeing a building of high voltage lines. When tensions in society became stronger after 7'th July events,, he was called back to evacuation point of foreign workers. He didn’t made it to an airfield due to an accident with electicity, that made him unconscious. Woke up after some time, he decided to leave Chernarus at his own. While trying to escape from Chernarus with other companions (met in Electrozavorsk port) on an old trawler, due to a storm their ship sank. Only survivors were Marlyn and Vlad – a driver from Chernogorsk. They were rescued by Costa Risacca… and against their will they went back to Chernarus.
  3. Mimsky

    Hi everyone!

    I'm never bored here! Sometimes cold... everytime windy. Winters are just... a bit dark and depressing. Which place? You're more than welcome to Iceland! it's really beautiful!
  4. Warm hi from freezing Iceland. I'm very happy to see you girls and boyz in Chernarus. Oy!
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