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  1. ya I agree it is very interesting playing with her im always watching her back to make sure she is alright and not getting swarmed with zombies. she isn't a fighter she like building and growing.
  2. tonyhntn


    well we built a little 2x3 base small but will work to hold our stuff and tent. but went to place tent we have and cant place it anywhere. we went outside base and ran all the way up and down the hil and couldn't place it anywhere. so we are not sure what to do cause we could really use the tent to store food and tools.
  3. tonyhntn


    is this the forum I talk about some placement issues Jack and LooLoo Hinton are having?
  4. STUDENT: Jack Hinton Preferred Nickname: IC Jack OOC Tony Age:46 Country:USA Roleplay Experience: 2 months but in those 2 months I have had just a couple of incounters and they were brief somewhat because Jack Looloo and their niece annie aokley Noticeable Bans or Warnings: None What is it that you wish to learn: I'm Just very Nervous at times Because of my lack of knowledge and dont know how to react. some is just not sure what to say to keep the conversation active because I dont know them and some of that could stem from me in real life I'm a quiet man in RL. and some time it just feels weird the IC and OOC reactions to say playing out injuries and sicknesses. so LooLoo and me have been roaming around haven't been hiding have made a camp a place to call home. we go into towns I have even been to NWAF by myself cause LooLoo doesn't like conflict at all She barely knows how to fire a weapon. So over all id say I'm trying I just dont know if the other side of the RP has been happy. TY
  5. k the prob me and LooLoo are having is some of the stuff we are used to crafting it isn't letting us craft like the tent. so we just thought it was the server. we have been trying to find a crafting list and recipes for this server or in general but haven't found anything. so just looking for some ideas or direction so we can learn more survival techniques. TY
  6. can you craft a improvised tent on dayzrp cant find anything about the tent or recipe.
  7. is there a place I can use for crafting recipies TY Jack
  8. LooLoo and I Have made camp in woods. We are trying to make a new life for ourselves. It Has been very rough. We have had a lot of long days and nights. Have introduced ourselves to a few gentleman in the town close to us. So far we haven't met to many people just surviving and trying to stay alive. This morning I got up and headed to town alone left LooLoo to herself to sleep while she can. She has been really restless at night. I managed to get us for and some tools and got back to camp in this dreadful Fog. Just setting in camp waiting for LooLoo to wake up.... tell my next entry..
  9. no I totally understand and am just trying to better understand the RP and Rules Were both new to RP so we dont want to break rules. I enjoy it so far And every situation at the moment is a learning experience.
  10. TY that helps me a lot. LooLoo and I haven't ran into a situation yet but I'm sure at some point it will. We have met some nice people and some I felt weren't sure about us. She likes the server cause of the no KOS and the roleplay. I slipped last night 1x calling her by her real name on accident but only once. I'm really enjoying the server and the RP was really nervous at first we and still am a little but getting more comfortable. Thanks everyone for the help!!
  11. I find myself being more on the defensive to protect her and am not sure exactly how to react sometimes. my fear is to overreact and get myself in trouble because she really isn't a fighter. I know for me in RL if someone threatened my family or wife I would hurt them. but you just cant do that on this server. so how have you guys reacted in situations with your wive or significant others. and does it change the defense points or kill points. mainly I think the only time is like be robbed.
  12. Just started I played the last 2 days and just now I can get into any server but all my ke commands not working I can even use my escape key to get to option and mouse isn't working eather cant move or look or exit game any ideas? out of game keyboard works fine with anything else.
  13. Its telling me that this is not my active character and I haven't changed anything other then I created a new character on the website and deleted my old one did I mess up?
  14. I am just creating a new Character that evolves with LooLoo's. Umm Me and my wife just talked to someone in discord and did a ip confirmation and he said he was gonna Let someone know that we are to separate people running on the same ip address. so we are fine right?
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