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  1. @Phoenix Yes I have already updated my drivers last night and as well as verified my game files this morning. Unfortunately it's still not making it any better. But thank you for suggesting options.
  2. I'm not sure if it's just me, but other players on my screen have choppy movements and audio stutters. Moreover, it takes doors 1-5 seconds worth of delay to open when i press "F" to open them. Last night and as well as all the nights before when I play on S1, have been perfectly fine and i'm not sure what's going on. I mean the S1 server tells me it's at 110 ping, but even then, the gameplay shouldn't be as choppy as the way I described it at 110 ping. Any leads? I ran a speed test for myself and I'm getting, = 26 Ping = 88.44 Download Mbps = 10.59 Upload Mbps Any help would be appreciated, just trying to not get killed by the infected due to lag/latency issues.
  3. moyfa


    According to my friends, they can see 40-50m ahead until the beginning of the fog, but friendly players next to them can only see up to 5 meters ahead of them before they get blocked out by the fog.
  4. @Hellish Ah I see, so I guess this weather effect was unintended. And yeah I agree with the annoying part lol.
  5. Last night I logged in on the S1 server by Green Mountain, I noticed there was heavy rain and fog lingering around, so i decided to wait it out by the barracks before continuing my journey. However, 30 minutes had past and the rain and fog was still there. Today, I logged in once again around 2:30pm EST (2/15/2019). And to my surprise the rain and the fog was still there. It was making it very hard to see 15-20 meters in front of my character. Is there a fix that could help me with my issue? - I have already uninstalled and reinstalled DayZ - I have already verified my game files Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you
  6. moyfa


    I was kinda wondering if it was permanent too. I logged in last night and all I saw was fog/heavy rain. I just logged in again and the fog/heavy rain was still there. Was this intended, or am I bugged.
  7. Server and location: DayZRP.com - S1 US Whitelist - Role Play / Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-07, 7:05 Your in game name: Phillip Chang Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was stopped by two players who were part of a group, they suspected me of being part of some "antagonist Moon organization." So they told me to put my weapons down, and to lay down... I pressed F5 for the lay down animation, and they proceeded to tie me up. After chatting a bit, they decided to let me go, but the problem is... they drove away and i'm stuck tied and can't break free at all what so ever. One of the guys that stopped me in the group looked like he was role playing as Pulse from Rainbow Six Siege. So after trying to break free and looking for online youtube fixes i accepted that I couldn't break free. So I figured that maybe leaving the server and rejoining would fix it. Only then I realized that it permakilled my character and all my belongings including the mosin with PU scope and ghillie camo/ KA-M with kobra sight + 75 drum mag was gone... Is this valid bug to allow myself to recover these items? I took a screenshot to show you guys.
  8. My character's name is Phillip Chang and he is a twenty-four year old Asian-American. He is an author, passionate in writing non-fiction pieces. His father (Wayne) who was a veteran, was a very big part of Phillip's early teens, however, has since been disconnected when his father passed from Alzheimer's two years ago. Wayne taught Phillip a lot about the great outdoors. Due to his ex-military background, he'd share a lot of important survival techniques with Phillip when he was just a kid. They would often go camping in the woodlands and Wayne would discuss the importance of land navigation through the use of the night sky. Often times, Phillip had to learn survival methods by hand while his father observed and critiqued him. Although Phillip didn't perform all too well, he and his dad would just laugh it off as a bonding experience. He admired his dad very much, but always thought of himself as a shadow to his father's achievements. Now he's a survivor, trying to revisit the old memories of his father that would help in him in the outbreak. For further background and context before the outbreak: As he grew to be the built 5'10 man that he is now, He began traveling abroad in Chernarus in hopes of igniting something new in his writings as an author. When he heard of the news about the bombings by the border and rumors of a potential quarantine, he thought it was best for him to book a flight back home. Here is a short passage following the events. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (July 11th, 2017 - 10:20pm) The roads were... difficult, we would move maybe an inch every minute. It was hard make out whatever it was down the highway. All I could see were the rows and rows of red brake lights as cars slowly drove up the lanes, but I did notice a bright orange beam at the very far end of the line of cars. It was just, spinning - kinda like how a lighthouse's light would spin, but only a bit faster, fast enough to start annoying your peripheral vision that is. I wasn't sure, there were too many trees in the way. I didn't think much of it, I mean what else was there to look at when my phone had miraculously stopped receiving data. Looks like no more reddit browsing for me. Great. The traffic had gotten to the point where people from other cars started chatting among each other. I didn't blame them, it felt like it was getting a bit hot and humid anyways, what better way to ignore the stickiness of the air than chatting with others. Funny enough, practically every car had their windows down for the nice breeze that came up from the interstate, and no car had changed positions for last thirty minutes or so... I guess it was nice to see others pass the time by talking to each other. I couldn't talk much to the others myself as I only knew English and a bit of Mandarin and Cantonese, but luckily my colleague grew up in the states and could speak fluent English, Russian and German, or was it... French, anyways I forgot. Her name was Natasha, she was in Chernarus to complete her journalism degree, and she... kinda lost it a bit? She sounded like she was cursing at the traffic in Russian, but what could I say, I'd probably be pissed if I were the one driving too. Phillip: We should've gotten coffee. I said jokingly while I chuckled. Natasha: Even the morning rush hour isn't like this! Must be those fucking military dogs and their stupid fucking weapons again." She takes a deep breath. Natasha: I'm sorry, that was unprofessional of me. Her back and neck were completely bent over the wheel, as if she was fixating her eyes to make out whatever it was down the road. Phillip: No worries haha, my flight doesn't depart until twelve-thirty, we got time. I took another glance at the road, nothing too new, the road was still lined up like before. However, I did notice something far off in the distance, it looked like a person getting out of their vehicle. I couldn't make much out of the individual as it was still dark outside. I noticed another silhouette, and this time it was two people. and it appeared as if he was assisting another person hunched over on the road. Bad stomach maybe? My attention span took me elsewhere so I started to take dig around in the glove department. Interestingly enough I found a tour guide to Chernarus. Maps were always fascinating to me, they were so fun to imagine the hills, divots and mountains and how they would match the layout of the topography. Funny enough, if my dad were here, he'd probably didn't need one. He'd always had this photographic memory of every place he'd been. Every time we'd go camping together he'd always remembered the tree lines, ponds, and bushes. Pretty crazy to remember a specific bush after hiking five miles and seeing over two thousand other bushes. How does someone even do that, the bushes basically all looked the same to me back then. But that man was careful, always looked for the details. Bored old me on the map, my eyes decided to find out which highway we were stuck in. Every city name was in Russian, so it was hard to make out what the city names where. Luckily they had the romanization for me to pronounce it Phillip: So up this way is Kam-bi...Wobo? Is this how you guys say it? Natasha: What the fuck... Now I was never close to Natasha, but I always thought of her as some fearless person with a sailor's mouth, but this time... her reaction told me something was up and that it wasn't my pronunciation. Out in the distance. It was no longer the two people I saw earlier. but ... [To be continued]
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