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  1. Nuss was born in Stary to Karen and Joe Blackwell. He worked in a factory down the road with his father. His life was normal until the outbreak struck. He was having a normal day until his father came home from shopping with a bite mark on his left arm. He said a homeless man attacked him while he was walking to his car. He told them not to think anything of it and took a rest int the back room. Less than four hours later noises where heard behind the door. Nuss opened the door to see his father convulsing in the bed. He called his mother who quickly ran to his aid. In a matter of seconds his father stands up and leaps onto his mother. Ravaging her body as it goes limp. All he could do was watch as she was torn apart. Nuss quickly ran to his room and locked the door. You could har the screams and snarls from his dad as he bangs at the door. Nuss didn't know what to do besides jump from the window in his room and run as fast as he could. From this day he has been a wanderer of the land without a goal besides staying alive.
  2. I try to join the server from the launcher but the arrow just glitches out and nothing happens.
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