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  1. Amazing memories on Livonia. Would go back in a heartbeat
  2. Geek

    A legend returns. Welcome Back.

  3. Born in Donegal onto a dairy farm. He showed a keen interest in farming his whole life. As a young child he spent his days out watching his father on the farm. When he went to school he would hardly do any work and just have the craic. When he went to secondary school his favorite class was Agricultural Science. He never showed much of an interest in school or anything like that. When he finished secondary school at the age of 18 he went straight to Agricultural College with a few of the lads. He had great craic there with the lads messing around. In his spare time he took up rally driving. He

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  5. Early Life From a young age Colin always showed a keen interest in history. His life was filled with reading old books and watching any history documentary on television. His family always saw his keen interest in history and always encouraged him to peruse a career of some sort in history. At the age of 18 this interest eventually lead to him perusing a career in Archaeology. During his two years studying he saw himself travelling to countries such as, Italy and Greece. When Colin graduated his family was reluctant to the idea of Colin leaving the country, they tried to encourage hi
  6. +1 to this man. Really does fit in with the whole vibe chernarus gives off. Would also be great because it would add more of a variety of civilian vehicles.
  7. Idle


    I would be up for moving over for the winter on new characters and start new stories with new groups. It would be a nice change from what is currently going on where every character knows every other character (or nearly all of them). Starting something new would be great especially if there is a good storyline for Namalsk.
  8. o7 boys it was great hanging out with you all the odd time. Hope to still see you around
  9. Would like to see the snow come around this year. I think it adds to the RP. People wont be running around in t-shirts in December. It would also encourage "winter" RP.
  10. I think that this is a really good idea. Would add another option instead of just the standard and it only makes sense as people in real life carry radios on their belts sometimes.
  11. I would like to see them back if they dont crash the server. If they still do that then nah
  12. Best of luck with this bro cant wait to see this idea IG
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