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  1. @Lucas Yes man i am 100% about closing this. Sorry for the disturbance. If i was not told that it was a attempted KOS i would have not created this at all.
  2. @Lucas While i was in the security hut i lost the shotgun. I will admit i was lagging a lot which could have resulted in some DayZ glitch or something. I was sort of rared up to put out this report as i was told by a person later that it was a "white name" who was KOSing for gear. As I do recall playing around you in the past I know that you would not do anything like that. There is no need for a discord call man but thanks for the offer.
  3. So far i have had great fun playing with this group. Great members who are all very friendly and live up to their roles. Great RP from this group so far, cant wait for what is yet to come.
  4. Server and location: Livonia, Topolin Hospital Security Hut Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:00 23/02/2020 Your in game name: Frank McDuffy Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was in the security hut fighting a infected. A man with a sledgehammer ran up looking like he was going to help me. We exchanged greetings such as "Hey Man". He hit the infected with the sledgehammer while i was punching it. The infected died and he swung his hammer one more time. I was knocked out. In the time it took me to wake up the man had stolen my shotgun from my character and had sprinted off to not be in sight when i awoke.
  5. Rover to be honest a few minutes before the initiation i was standing at a distance looking at you all and it was extremely hard to tell all of you apart. I believe that Rutkiy made a honest mistake as he was going through with a situation and your event was rather unfortunate on your behalf.
  6. A fellow member of the group was having a arguement with a friend of Rutkiy and an initiation happened. I was standing behind the hospital on the second story roof and had absolutely no view of the court yard where Rover was shot dead. I engaged Rutkiy on the roof where we exchanged shots and i died. I was not aware of the unarmed person that was killed. Before i engaged Rutkiy he shot down into the crowd where my fellow member had opened fire. I can confirm that the server was lagging for me as well around that time as the server very quickly afterwards crashed.
  7. Cormac01

    The Dead

    "What happened here" "I Dont Know" "I sure hope they were infected before they were massacred"
  8. *Presses The PTT* It will be you requiring the insurance plan, dont underestimate people. It can be your downfall. *Before letting go of the PTT the sound of a gun loading can be heard* *Presses the PTT* We will have to talk some time my friend *Lets go of PTT*
  9. *Presses The PTT Irish Traditional Music can be heard in the background* "The trade union will pay for what they did to me and my brother" *Lifts finger off PTT*
  10. Cormac01

    A Missing Limb

    A Hardy Survivor
  11. Cormac01


    Waiting out the night
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