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  1. Cormac01


    Waiting out the night
  2. Cormac01

    Message to all ex Saviors

    *PTT* Fuck that. The day that I carve that into myself will be a cold day in hell. I hope that all of us saviors can unite up again and restore what order we have created. Bring back a bit of fear to our enemys *PTT*
  3. *Cormac presses the PTT* "I may know a person in need of that Tetracyline. I will get back to you as soon as i know if the medication is still needed" *Cormac lifts his thumb off the PTT*
  4. *Cormac presses the PTT* I will keep my eye out for Denigrata, I may go out with a party and try and find them. I would love some of their loot. I am willing to head off with you and Javier to find them. *PTT*
  5. He was born in ireland but moved to Cherno when his brother moved over. He was leaving to head home but the apocolypse happened. He stayed on. He has had his fair share of blood spilled. He was seperated from his brother before the apocolypse started. He is now currently looking for him. He is hoping to one day make a group where he and hid brother lead it. He has experience with all sorts of guns but he is best with a M16 and a Moisin. He is a man not to be double crossed because he will do whatever it takes to survive in the world gone mad.
  6. Hello My group application was recently declined for some reason. But I noticed that the join group button is gone for that group. I was wondering once I am declined is that me permantly gone from the group or will the join group button come back
  7. Was a doctor pre infection. He came to Cherno to try and help the people but his facility got over run by a infected person that turned. He was in ireland when he heard of a new virus that was ravenging the country of cherno he has a great passion for his job and he felt that he could make a change and help stop the virus. He is also over for a secret mission of finding his friend who came over with the army to kill the undead as he want to bring him home to his family. He has a wife called julia. He wants to get home but is unsure if his home is still infected free
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