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  1. Oliver was born outside of the town of Zelenogorsk. He grew up as an only child. His mother was a Chef and his father was a builder. Oliver had a fairly normal childhood, he did well at school. Oliver never had too much of an interest in his mother and father's lines of work. Oliver's father and mother who in turn got Oliver introduced into the organization of the ChDKZ. It was obvious to Oliver that Chernaurs was poorly governed, and rural folk were most affected by this, money was focused in the cities, more and more materials were starting to be imported, leaving miners and farmers to struggle, the judicial system and authorities were largely corrupt. were very strong followers of Gregori Lopotev, he was undoubtedly extremely loyal to the cause. Oliver really was passionate about fighting for his country. He believed in everything that the ChDKZ believed in and followed it quite blindly. He fought with great pride for his country in the civil war that occured. Oliver was trained as a helicopter pilot by the Russians. He was trained to fly Helicopters in the CSR Air Defence Force. When the question of Unification with the Russian Federation came around Oliver did not know where to stand on it. Part of him felt like all that he had fought for was going to waste. He strongly believed that the efforts he had put into his country would contribute to an independent country. When the referendum came around Oliver was surprised but chose not to argue with it because it was what the people of his country seemed to want. When Lopotev was killed a part of Oliver also died. He was totally shocked by the death. In Olivers eyes the death lead to a Russia having a stronger grip over the country. As much of the CSR’s military was merged into the Russian Army or disbanded, Oliver found himself grounded, no longer able to fly helicopters for the Air Force due to Chernarus being declared Russian airspace. When Oliver was told he was being grounded he decided to walk away entirely from the army. The grounding made Oliver become discontent so he could not join the Russian army.
  2. Born in Ireland in 2004. He lived a privileged enough life. He was born into a middle class family and never really had any worries. His father ran a small business and his mother was a heavy machinery operator. Living an early life with the average amount of academic success. He was popular in his school and with his groups of friends he met outside of school. Living in the country side for all of his life made him a man not afraid to get his hands dirty and become a bit of an all rounder such as being able to fix cars if the issue is simple. His father taught him how to use a gun and he had a natural talent for it. Once he finds a group of people that he feels comfortable with he will do absolutely anything for them to make sure they all stay together and are happy He has some noteworthy skills/talents such as being a natural good shot with a gun. He also has a great natural ability at hunting. He also has a great level of fitness. He would take a lot of pride in his body and would always attempt to keep himself in a peak physical condition. He came to Chernarus with a friend he met online called Knox Wylie. Knox had talked him into coming to Chernarus to see what the place was like. Adrian went with his family and Knox. As the country shut down Adrian got separated from his family and his Friend Knox.
  3. Declan O’Connell is just a normal guy who has a positive outlook on life. He is kind and trustworthy to people who are close to him and he would often find himself doing anything for people he cares about. He can sometimes care too much for people and end up neglecting himself and his own interests. He tends to like people with similar goals or ideas to himself over people who he could see conflicting opinions in. He was born in Ireland in 1999, living an early life with the average amount of academic success. He was popular within his own groups of friends while at school never really forcing himself outwards and pushing himself to meet new people. He tended to get stuck in a routine and enjoyed not a lot of change which would make his life harder or force him to have to change his lifestyle. He spent most of his school life longing for his last day at school. He always dreamt about going out into the world and making his own life for himself. He has some noteworthy skills/talents such as being a natural good shot with a gun. He also has a great natural ability at hunting. He also has a great level of fitness. He would take a lot of pride in his body and would always attempt to keep himself in a peak physical condition. When he left school he set out looking for work almost straight after his graduation. He found himself working in warehouses and doing odd jobs on building sites and farms. After doing those jobs for a while he decided to head out and work his way from country to country. With what amount of money he set out in his car. He headed out towards the european continent working in countries such as France, Germany, Italy eventually journeying his way out of Europe ending up in Chernarus. While in Chernarus he found a girl who inspired him to settle down for a while. He spent time living in her house in Zelenogorsk. He learnt bits and pieces of the language but was not there long enough to become fluent or anything near that. He just learnt enough to help him in shops and have small conversations with local people. He found that English was about enough as most of the people he dealt with spoke english fluently. He spent time working on farms and hunting while staying in Zelenogorsk. While living in Chernarus he never really mingled with the population outside of his girls friend group and his own very small friend group. WIP
  4. Romanek was born to a middle class family in the city of Kursk. His father ran a water purification plant and his mother was a tailor *for a clothes shop in the city . From an early age Romanek took a interest in his fathers work of water purification. Romanek never really liked school all that much and always dreamed off heading off and making a life for himself. Towards the end of his education he decided that he would progress to third level education and then peruse a career in the army. He went to third level for two years where he studied environmental science. After he finished his studies of environmental science Romanek signed a contract with the Russian military and enlisted into the ranks. He completed his basic training and progressed on with his career in the military as a part of the 320th Motor Battalion. After years of active service Romanek had a major loss in his family. While he was in active service his mother and father both passed away in a car accident leaving just him behind in his direct family. As Romaneks contract was nearly up he thought of quitting his job as a soldier and heading back to Kursk to take over his fathers business. When the infection started spreading Romanek decided to abandon the idea of taking over his fathers business as he felt that he could do good by staying in the ranks of the army and helping out in whatever way he could. Romanek was stationed in a large town half way between Miroslavl and Chernogorsk when the first wave of the infection came around. He was still stationed in that area when the second wave of the infection came around. During the 3rd wave of the infection when people turned rabid and attacked other people Romanek and some fellow soldiers decided to retreat back looking for safezones where their training could be put to great use.
  5. Team Name: An English man and an Irishman drive a car Player 1: @Cormac Player 2: @Harvey Player 3: @IntenseGeek
  6. RIP Emerson  @Harvey Thats the negotiator gone.

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  8. I would not like the lore wipe to happen any earlier. My group still has a story line to continue and if the wipe was pushed forward it would cause everything to be rushed.
  9. Team Name: Kings Ridge Bandits Player 1: @Cormac Player 2: @ItsChocolateMan Backup gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): @Thundergunmax
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  13. Its great to hear of another group in Livonia. I look forward to meeting you all. Best of luck
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