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  1. Luna Jackson, is a 5” 3 lady who has a slender build. Working as a security guard as she came out of college after studying art which was her full time hobby at the time. She wanted to make art into a full time thing for her life, Luna had a friend who lived in Norway which she met at twitch con London in 2016. Hakon invited Luna to stay at his families cabin for a summer to focus on her art and try and grow it as her full time job not a hobby. After her most successful painting of a giraffe and a elephant which sold for 5000 Euros she was able to take the plunge into the art world. Showcasing her art on a online auction gallery, she had pieces that varied from 500 euros or 9000 euros. Deciding to pay rent to Hakon and stay in his families cabin she bought a husky collie cross breed which she called Jake. Using the isolated solitude to focus her time on her art she grew to be a rather affluential anonymous artist having no one from the art scene know her face had benefits. She enjoyed the hidden fame almost Hannah Montana style, when she first heard news of a sickness causing mass death and viral infections it was to late for her to return home to her family as they were bringing in localised travel restrictions that soon turned into global restrictions. Being stuck in Norway her and Hakon decided to gather all his belongings from his city home and retreat to the families cabin with his whole family. Staying together was the best way for survival.
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