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  1. JamieBoy

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    Focken love England me
  2. JamieBoy

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    How am I meant to PVP properly if I cannae heal up quick. IRL people heal from bullet wounds within like a couple of hours.
  3. JamieBoy

    Create Your Staff Team

  4. JamieBoy

    Create Your Staff Team

    Nozzy's dream actualised in picture form
  5. I grew up in the at the Coast, not too far from Electo. Ah back then it was all bliss, I used to help my father out with his fishing, repair his boat. Yeah, those where the days. But heck that wasn't gonna last was it? Those fucking Chedaki, they had to go and ruin it eh? Well shit, it is all in the past. But what they did to father, I'll never forgive them. Either way life moves on, I moved to Chernogorsk to take up a career in Logistical Engineering. I learnt my fair share on that job, eh I mean it made me who I am today. But again, that wasn't going to last was it? For God knows what reason the gates of hell have opened and dead have risen. I guess things never go my way, ah time to pack up and get moving.
  6. Jim, was only 9 when he bagged his first kill. It was only a rabbit, and it was only a few paces away. However this minor achievement filled young Jim's heart with a passion. From then on he'd attend hunting trips with his Father, slowing gaining more skill. By the age of 20 Jim was one of the best gamekeepers in the UK. At this point Jim decided it was time to move out of his parent's house, and out into the big wide word. Through browsing the internet, Jim discovered a job opportunity for a Gamekeeper in a small country called Chernaurus. The pay was bad, the lodgings looked even worse but it was away from home. Jim applied for a working Visa, booked his flights and got on the the plane. After a long plane journey, an even longer car journey awaited Jim. He was driven to a place know colloquially as "Windy Mountain" , he arrived at his cabin and took a long nap. For several months Jim managed the wildlife around the mountain. He admired the quiet desolation he had there. However Jim soon grew suspicious when his shopping supplies where not delivered to his cabin. Jim left it a few more days, and still nothing. Something was wrong. Jim picked up his jacket and set off toward the nearest town . . .
  7. JamieBoy

    KOS / No time to comply Novya

    Please drop the report, I've talked to @MoodyOG we're all chill now.
  8. JamieBoy

    KOS / No time to comply Novya

    No, legit. Because there is no video evidence, you'll embellish your claims as much as possible to save your own skin. You broke a rule. Plain and simple. However like I said I'd be willing to talk this out over discord.
  9. JamieBoy

    KOS / No time to comply Novya

    Unfortunately moody you have to give time for your hostages to react to commands. Mid sentence Initiation Kos is not the way forward. In addition due to the lack of video evidence, I doubt anyone from the Saviours is going to come forward with it as it is so damning.
  10. JamieBoy

    KOS / No time to comply Novya

    Server and location: S1 Novya Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16:25 Your in game name: Bogdan Kirillov Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: @MoodyOG Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I enter Novya, talk to the people. I mention the fact that I destroyed the saviours base. 30 seconds later the Saviours appear. They say "Hey man I want a chat with you". I knew things where going down hill so I pulled my gun. At this point I'm asked to put my hands up. And halfway through the initiation I'm gunned down. Unfortunately I do not have any video evidence. However if you do please upload it, because this was pure bs. EDIT: I'm willing to talk to the persons involved with the situation over Discord and resolve it that way.
  11. JamieBoy

    S1 - Airfield KOS

    Just thought I'd clarify and completely distil any doubts in the story. All time-codes are related to the video in which OP has provided (Cheers). Bogdan comes into play at exactly 15:30. At which point OP says "There are hands being thrown up" while pointing his gun at two players After which at 15:32 somebody mentions "Who's the guys pointing the guns?" in which he is responded to with "Us" OP is watching the initiation take place, whilst being on guard in case anything goes down. At 15:47 OP says "I need call-outs people" This implies that he is definitely involved in the situation and is actively helping with the initiation. After that a response is heard saying "We are robbing, we are robbing them". We implying that OP is definitely part of this group. At 16:20 OP is pointing his gun within a visible distance of Bogdan who noticed the OP's unique appearance (Gillie) Which implies that OP is part of this initation At 16:30 I ask to log due to a surrender bug, I ask for permission and receive it. I log and come back immediately. 16:50 OP is told to "Point the gun at him" and OP continues to do so, which is the second hostile action performed by this player. And due to his unique appearance I remembered it. 16:53 OP continues to aim his gun at me. Deeming him to MY PERSPECTIVE a part of the "robbery" 16:59 OP aims a gun whilst escorting me 17:39 OP aims a gun whilst escorting me 18:13 to 19:20 OP is guarding me while being interrogated Skipping ahead a bit to 27:44 My good pal Nikolai comes to see the Saviours base, and through good timing he hears my voice and decides to hang around for a minute. This is the point where Nikolai see me as a hostage and due to a previous RP experience he gains defender rights, however he does not use them. At 29:31 I am released, I am issued a threat that "If you are even seen in these parts again, you will be shot dead" At this point OP loses eye contact with me and Nic. Me and Nic trade a few items and setup at an appropriate position. I ID my target one of which is the OP due to his unique appearance and his involvement in the hostage situation. I open fire at 44:23 and kill OP at 44:35. Later on Windex assaults our position and is shot by Nic I trade fire with another player who shoots me. Me and Nic flee the scene unscathed. This is a simple situation made ridiculously complicated by the rules that are in play here. IMO I used my kill rights to take open fire on people who took me hostage. My friend Nic also used defender rights to take out Windex when he saw me as a hostage. So for the last time "Different guy it was someone else and they had nothing to do with the initiation it was me who initiated on you and you didn't have kill rights on them just on saviors" I don't think so sunshine. If this guy wasn't part of the initiation then I'm the Pope.
  12. JamieBoy

    Unban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A due to the report being report being re-opened Why the verdict is not fair: The report is ongoing an therefore proving me and anybody involved innocent until proven guilty. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The report has been reopened and therefore redacting any previous punishment handed out What would you like to achieve with this appeal: For me to be un-banned, so I can continue to play until a verdict is decided. In addition the warning points to be removed as well. What could you have done better?: Not exactly sure
  13. JamieBoy


    So I was banned for an invalid kill. Right ok. The admin who dealt with the ban said this "Now, down to why this kill was invalid. The OP was not part of the Saviors and he did not participate in the initial initiation. Were they part of the initiation or a part of The Saviors then that would be a different story and this kill may have been valid and justified. @JamieBoydid NOT have defense rights against the OP, only against the Saviors that had taken him hostage. " "the op was not part of the saviours" However he was in their discord, and rolling with them in a dynamic. Not sure how that works but he was connected to them. "He did not participate in the initial initiation" While he did not actively tell me to put my hands up, he clearly was in position ready to shoot if anything went down. Which would deem him involved . Also he was in the same room as me while I was interrogated, communicating with the hostiles. "@JamieBoy did NOT have defense rights against the OP" So somebody who is not in a group but running around in a dynamic with said group. Is void of any rights defender or KOS even though they are involved in an initiation and in comms with them? Technically speaking using this loop hole, a group can use a few guys in a dynamic to set up around a hostage. The group initiates, and the dynamic guys can step in if the hostage decides not to comply using defender rights. But the hostage cannot kill the dynamic guys due to them not being part of the group. And therefore even though the dynamic guys are involved with the group, the hostage cannot kill them. But he cannot identify which are group or dynamic. If he kills a dynamic he can be reported and banned. I don't get the logic here. To add on-top of this the Geezer who posted the report claimed he had nothing to do with the Saviors! What? Hello? Am I the only sane person here. Please watch the video IN FULL. Also I'd just like some clarification on this loophole. If it is aloud and when can I start using it in game! After all I just want to follow the rules
  14. JamieBoy

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Gonna bump this thread. Bring on a new lore for us newcomers.
  15. JamieBoy

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

    Oh ok.
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