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  1. My Name is Vilda Kauppinen, I am 30 years old and from Altis. I was a part of the Military on the Island of Altis. My team specialized in almost everything, from EOD, to Marksmanship. Once I head that the outbreak happened we get restationed and I was on my way back to Sweden, however the ship caught bad winds and went off course, all of our navigation systems got messed up and we ended up wrecking in some strange place. When I awoke from the Wreck I found a guy named Clyde White, he said he was looking for his brother or some sort. We rolled together for a while and then we came under fire from a group of bandits. We got seperated. I still do not know where he is but I do have a feeling he went further north. I ran into a place called Chenerus. I have been looking for Clyde and his brother ever since I lost him, mainly so I can see if they can help me come up with an idea on how to get back home to my Girlfriend. I have been stuck on Chernarus for some time and have tried to rebuild the ship but the hull is completely damaged and I do not have a chance on getting anywhere without help.
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