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  1. My Brother-In-Arms, Kamenici will pay for the unjustified crime they have committed! -- May you rest with Aiden and watch us from above from where the Legends rest -- - Brian Boru - Your Brother. o7 (You got me with the Halo 3 Menu Music you prick.)
  2. Birth/Child Life/School-College Brian Boru, Born in Australia at the Royal Adelaide Hospital on the 16th of July 1994. His Irish Farther, Erin Boru, who was a Alcoholic, Jobless, Abusive farther. And his Mother, Annie Leonhardt, a Nurse who worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Annie met Erin at the Hospital to stitch up his wounds at a bar fight at a place called the White Horse Inn. Brian lived a rough life, not only getting abused by his farther, but also at his school. Brian's Mother always fixed him up when she picks him up from School. He got into fights so often, he learn't how to fight for himself. Once he got into Collage, he was in lesser fight's and didn't suffer injuries from School anymore. He studied in Biology and Engineering, he also got in a course that educated him in Maui Thai, so he can defend himself and his mother if need be. On the Evening of April 4th, 2014. He was tired on getting beaten by his Farther, but it hurt him more when he saw his mother get abused physically and sexually. Brian eventually snapped and it caused him to kill his Farther, stabbing Erin with a Kitchen Knife in the back puncturing his lung's in-order to save Annie, his Mother, the only person who he cared about in the world. He watched his Farther gasp for air and choke on his blood as a grin crossed his face. Erin Boru died on the floor in the Dinning Room the next Morning, Brian and his Mother packed some clothing and gathered some spare change from the house and Annie transfered the remaining money that was in Erin's bank account into Brian's account. While Annie was doing that, Brian took Erin's body out back and buried him near a tree, Brian then engraved Erin's initials on the tree with the Knife he killed him with. Once done, they headed to the Adelaide Airport and got ticket's to Chernarus, to start anew. Arrival to Chernarus On the Afternoon of April 6th, 2014, Brian and Annie got off the Plane with their bags and went to Novodmitrovsk. They would purchase two Apartment rooms so they can get use to the new life they're going to make themselves. Two weeks later, Brian got a Job as a Pub Bouncer at the nearest Pub and his Mother Annie got a Job as a Nurse at local Hospital. Since the move, Brian got bored and had no clue what to do with himself, so he went to get Gun License and learnt how to use a Gun for self-defence and to have a crack at Hunting. When Annie learnt that Brian got a license for a gun and purchased a firearm, she feared for the worse for his safety. But Brian ensured Annie that it's for the sake of her safety, encase things hit the fan. Annie still worried. One Year Later, It's February 4th, 2015 and It's Annie's Birthday, Brian knew she hasn't had a proper Birthday since he was 5, so he surprised her a house she can call her own. She was in tears of joy when she saw the house for the first time, she hugged Brian and thanked him for the new start they came here for. Brian smiled and says "Your happiness is all I want to keep in peace". Brian escorts Annie into the house so she can plan where all of their stuff is going. For the next Year, Brian continues his Job as a Pub Bouncer and joins a Hunting Club. He then meet's a girl named Kristina Petrov during his shift as a Bouncer, the two would begin to talk more often as they continued seeing each other at the Pub. A Month goes by and Brian and Kristina are dating and Brian is starting to think everything is going great, everything is smooth sailing. He thought wrong... May 20th, 2017. Brian is working a late shift and he get's a call from his Neighbor saying Brian's house was broken into and heard screaming. Brian rushes to his car and speeds down to his house so see if his Mother is okay, Brian repeats himself saying again and again "This can't be happening,. This can't be happening" He pull's up the driveway and see's Police lights flashing and a Ambulance, he drives his attention to the front door and see a Medical Bed with a tarp on top. Brian rushes to the Bed with tears pouring down his face saying "No, No, No, Not like this." The Police Officer's try to stop him but Brian pushes through and he stands in front of the Bed. Brian asks "Can I see? Can I see who under the tarp?" The Medical Officer responded "Yes, you may" Brian removes the tarp and his heart sank, his eyes widens and dilates as tear rain down. "Mother?" he quivers. Annie Leonhardt died by a break-in gone wrong, Brian felt like his world just crash down on top of him. Brian fell to his knees and screams "WHY MUST I SUFFER MY WHOLE LIFE!" The rest of the night transpires as a thunderstorm covers the sky in a blackened rain. One week's later, Brian calls off the relationship with Kristina and falls into a deep depression, thinking to himself what he's suppose to do now. It's the 30th of June 2017 and he goes camping to try to move on with his life from all the pain and suffering. He camps out into the woods, not knowing what the next day will bring... --More Coming Soon...-
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