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  1. Grew up in a very rural area, Growing up got involved with alot of gangs and violence. His father never was around. Around the age of 13, His mother was shot and killed right infront of Him.. executed if you will. He would learn later that this was because of one of the gangs he was affiliated with. He then left the gangs he was friendly with and quit that life, and got a job. Around the age of 17, he found a slip of paper under his door at home. It had nothing but a phone number on it written really badly. He called the number a few days later. Met with a man named Yuri, who knew about his mother's death. This became a training of sorts. Yuri, taught him to be a killer, and assassin basically. At the end of his training he sent him off to Ukraine , to kill the man he suspected to be linked with the killing of his mother. after making off with the assassination, he was chased and shot at, a few rounds struck him and rendered him immobile. The Guards of the place he just was at took him in and tried to get him back stable and question him, torture him. Anything they felt like doing to him, they did it. After being held in containment for about a month all he had was food every 2 days. He had no way of escape and found a plan, after picking at the concrete walls for awhile, a big chunk fell out. That alerted the guard to him and had him investigate. He killed to guard with the block of concrete and took the guards guns and clothing and hid the body in a container. Left the building right after, nobody followed him and he escaped just to realize that the whole area had been quarantined off. This was the start of the outbreak in his area. His only escape he though was running to Chernorussia. He made it there, but only to find out that the infection was worse there. He had nowhere else to go, so this is where he lives now, Helping out others who need help.. need someone killed.. or just need protection
  2. i agree ^^^^^^^^ (edit)it was just a misunderstanding i'd like for this post to be closed... if @Xeno would like to make his own report he may do so ,
  3. final reply from me, should we take this down, as its too much back and forth and nobody is getting anywhere
  4. i dont think you're understanding the obvious, the point was he walks up the stairs and sees three dead guys and 1 guys still alive who was the same person who was the suspect being dealt with, to simplify for you, if you saw 3 police officers making an arrest and they all just die infront of you, except the suspect stays alive, you know that something is up and that is obvious he's the "bad guy" and needs to be dealt with (edit) i dont like the back and forth, i think it's best we take down this forum post, yes?
  5. i'm only going to mention it again, the guy who killed you was not associated with us, in the video you can clearly see, 1 no armband, and 2 thats the same guys you were throwing insults at, once he realized "oh shit they're all dead except the one guy who was insulting me" he took that chance to eliminate the target.
  6. i would like to mention this could and most likely is a misunderstanding, i do not want either party of this situation punished or just one side being punished, it already looks bad with nobody having a valid amount of proof as to what happened (edit) but yeah like i said, most likely a misunderstanding, nobody needs to escalate the situation
  7. just a quick reply to the part where you said i went unconscious, i didn't mention that, i might have worded it wrong i meant when my screen was fading black when i was dying on the death screen i saw them die. (edit) i would also like to mention about the perspectives that i was saying on what people got killed in what order and how, that was what i had heard.... however this ends up going it doesn't really affect me to much, i'm just worried about the other 2 who were involved (final edit) after i just re read what you said i honestly have no clue why you were killed, all of our guys died, so the person who must've killed you was a bystander or the guy who your character was insulting
  8. Server and location: Server 2 Vybor School next to police station Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 6:30 Your in game name: John Daniels Names of allies involved: @Kiranthrix @jereme511 @TheShiningShard Name of suspect/s: (didn't say/unknown) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): (none) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (unavailable) Detailed description of the events: 3 CTF member ontop of the school were trying to make an arrest, they refused to accept it for at least 30 minutes, got to the point where 2 guns were raised to make him stop and go for the arrest (suspect stood still) once the handcuffs were being put on i put my gun down (pistol) and a second later i got shot in the head by a sniper, while the screen was fading black i could see the CTF officer @jereme511 got shot also whilst trying to crouch down after seeing me get killed, and then right after @Kiranthrix who was putting handcuffs on got killed immediately after trying to run away to the door, the situation looks like a complete kill bait and seemed like they were also more than likely using OOC comms because the guy who we were detaining had the guy who sniped us perched up perfectly and they knew exactly where we were without having seen us. Thus making it sound like our suspect who we wwere detaining was using ooc comms to tell his guy(s) where we were so they could get in position, and shoot us. This could also go under KOS but i'm not sure, because we didn't know where they were, they all had a coordinated plan to kill us in a specific order. the suspect (most likely) made the call over out of character comms to tell them to take the shot.
  9. Trained in the Medical field in the united states military. Still stays a part of being a combat medic. Part of a navy squadron with 4-5 people. Upon recently finding out about the death of one of his squadmates, Jonathan Walter. Finding himself in chenaurus in search of jonathan prior to learning about his death. Now being forced to live in the broken world in chenaurus with the outbreak happening. daily checks hospitals for medical supplies to help other survivors. Also always in search for the bastard who killed his friend Jonathan. Looking for survivors alot in hopes of a friendly group to help trade medical equipment and/or weapons to help survive
  10. Born and raised in the United States, grew up in a hostile family and wanted an easy way out of all of it. Later in life had moved into a military life and was sent out to russia to patrol after a cold war struck between ukraine and russia. the US was sent out to aid Ukraine incase of emergencies. In that time was when the virus struck. Most of the community in chenarus freaking out and evacuating. Jonathan had been stuck in chenarus, losing contact with all of his squad and command posts. Now just trying to survive he finds himself being forced into a "normal" life but dealing with infected. this is until about a year in advance he is captured by a group of bandits, and then later escaping from his captors. now living on his own struggling to find food and water to survive. gathering enough for basic survival, he must continue to find other survivors and hopefully survive with them so he is no longer on his own in this new broken world he is stuck to live in. Whether he ends up becoming a bandit. Continuing his military type lifestyle or just barely getting by. Also has had a bunch of medical experience in the field. Is now trying to continue his field of training in medical experience and stay on path of being a field medic.
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