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  1. TheShiningShard

    Jacobs Survival

    pictures from along the adventures of Jacob Liverly
  2. 9mm vityaz my friend
  3. after a long boxing match.. they had ended in i guess you could kinda call a... "tie" although one of them didn't fair as well
  4. yeah! you can see the little and big dipper very easily at night! you can see the little dipper in the bottom middle
  5. Born in Alaska, His father was a military man and were always travelling across country or even into other countries far away, his mother had passed away when he was born. They had just recently gone to Chernarus to visit an old family friend of his fathers who has lived there. On their way there in late 2019, they had heard of the Caedesviridae Infection spreading, but where they lived they were safe. But soon after the borders got closed and they could not leave. It wasn't until a few months later in February 2020, the infection had spread everywhere, living in one place wasn't an option, it had spread like wildfire. His father had taught him over time the basics of using weaponry and he had become quite a skillful shot. To survive they became hunters together, ate whatever they could get whenever possible. Met some groups, large ones, communites at that. they joined a community. They called themselves "the stone" It wasn't lasting very long after they joined their community that someone was bit... this being Jacobs father while out scavenging for medical supplies on his own in the night. he came back and tried hiding the bite but, he had passed away in his sleep and well... you know the rest.. the next morning Jacob woke up to the sound of gunfire right infront of his house. His father had gotten loose and had killed many of the community and started an outbreak. Jacob had been able to grab his rifle and a backpack with some supplies, but before he decided to make a run for it. He shot his father with his silenced Rifle.. He couldn't bare to see his own father cause anymore carnage. Jacob left, and started living on his own... and now the story can only continue
  6. i agree ^^^^^^^^ (edit)it was just a misunderstanding i'd like for this post to be closed... if @Xeno would like to make his own report he may do so ,
  7. final reply from me, should we take this down, as its too much back and forth and nobody is getting anywhere
  8. i dont think you're understanding the obvious, the point was he walks up the stairs and sees three dead guys and 1 guys still alive who was the same person who was the suspect being dealt with, to simplify for you, if you saw 3 police officers making an arrest and they all just die infront of you, except the suspect stays alive, you know that something is up and that is obvious he's the "bad guy" and needs to be dealt with (edit) i dont like the back and forth, i think it's best we take down this forum post, yes?
  9. i'm only going to mention it again, the guy who killed you was not associated with us, in the video you can clearly see, 1 no armband, and 2 thats the same guys you were throwing insults at, once he realized "oh shit they're all dead except the one guy who was insulting me" he took that chance to eliminate the target.
  10. i would like to mention this could and most likely is a misunderstanding, i do not want either party of this situation punished or just one side being punished, it already looks bad with nobody having a valid amount of proof as to what happened (edit) but yeah like i said, most likely a misunderstanding, nobody needs to escalate the situation
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