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  1. did some very slight additions to my backstory.. i really gotta get on  that, theres been SO much development over time, this character is nearly a year old.. wow

  2. - User has been cautioned for this post -
  3. Very excited to come back!Happy So Excited GIF

  4. I left for barely 2 months..


    • took a break for a bit... missed alot havent i hahaha
  5. This group seems really cool, hope to meet you guys sometime in game!
  6. i understand if you want to defend this and say that you should be able to say things for "in character reasons" but you can portray your character to be a racist, a homophobe, or whatever in many different ways, you DO NOT HAVE TO drop n-bombs, and shit like that to get the point across. like @cas said in my opinion you do not HAVE to say certain things like that. plus on this platform we have many streamers, and many people who are transgender, gay, lesbian, or of different ethnicity's that may take offense to things like this. i think this is a great rule to have in place.
  7. +1 to this, you dont HAVE to say the N word or anything to portray a racist character if thats what you wish to do.
  8. This definitely is great to all the streamers here. Thank you for this
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