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  1. I never raised my weapon at you or toward you at all. Right there proves your story does not line up with your buddies' pov. Anyway, I never did initiate on you whatsoever. Telling someone to stay where they are is not initiation, even when I said "you better stay, guys." I never stated a consequence or raised my gun for initiation. When you all decided to run down the road, one of you decided to look back at me, which gave me the opportunity to shoot in the air one time to gain your attention because you all were too far away to hear me yell. You immediately start opening fire when I even explained I just wanted to talk to you when you rushed at the gates. I locked myself in the guard shack because I knew exactly how this was going to end, just another excuse to kill someone, and a reason to gain more loot or something. Almost no rp was even used when I was buckled down in the guardshack to talk me down as well, to see if I would compromise. You rush the guard shack and someone threw two frag grenades, you unlock the guardshack doors and rush into the bathroom and take me down. Im assuming (not accusing) you also metagamed by not talking in game over the radio If you were using discord to talk to them, because I didn't hear your voice at all outside the shack.
  2. Server and location: S1, Polana Construction/Factory Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:44-17:50 Your in game name: Jordan Hudson Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):N/A Detailed description of the events: My character woke up, and saw that there was a man inside of the base of the Road Dogs. My character confronts this man verbally, asking why he is in the base. He keeps replying with "My friend, my friend, my friend", so my character gets curious as to why this man is stalling. Come to find out, he has a buddy ontop of the storage for the Road Dogs, and opened every gate lock we have (three of them). Then, they all walk out (as ordered by my character, not initiation, just asking nicely). As they are walking away, my character asks them to stop and talk for a second. They begin to run away, and when they were looking right at me, they see me fire a single shot into the air, and they open fire. They changed the combo locks before I even shot in the air, not even showing the slightest bit of initiation. They begin to throw grenades, and my character retreats to the guard shack in the construction site. I lock the doors, and I hide in the bathroom for about ten minutes, when eventually they unlock the doors and kill my character as soon as they unlock them. They griefed the combination locks because they changed the ORIGINAL lock codes so my group members cannot open them now.
  3. Damon Andrew Slade was born on the 1st of June, 1996 to two loving parents and a loyal younger brother who idolized his older brother. Damon grew up in the backwoods of Wyoming fishing, hunting, and playing video games on his downtime. The only sport he really was interested in was baseball, it was his passion for a while until he realized his true passion in his junior year of high school.. journalism. He graduated high school a total year and a half early and went to Northwestern University to get a Major in Journalism. He became a state reporter in his home state of Wyoming and attracted a talent scout at NBC News Correspondence, and was off to New York to become a full-time reporter on the current events in the world. The time came when Damon was asked to travel to Chernarus, a place near Russia and East Asia to report about the virus that had spread all across the post-Soviet country that no one wanted to go to. He accepted this reluctantly, until he saw the pay-bump and the paycheck he would receive if he went there. He began reporting, but the infected came after everyone and Damon bolted to the nearest place for safety. Now, all he has to do is wander around this land and find meaning in what he does, and that's investigative journalism.
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    I have not because they're divorced since I was two. My dad and his girlfriend though.. Never have I ever been arrested
  5. TheMcCafeMenu


    I have many times. Never have I ever drunk-bought anything ridiculously expensive. (I bought a horse for about $2000 when I was blackout drunk about a year ago.)
  6. TheMcCafeMenu


    /drinks, working in retail doesn't suck as much as you'd think Never have I ever taken someone elses virginity
  7. Jordan Hudson was born on the 12th of December, 2001 to a mother who was a nurse, and a father who was a carpenter who he had rarely seen until his teenage years. Without his father around like usual, Jordan had to learn to cope with living with a mother with severe narcissistic tendencies and often had to navigate his way around his mother's emotions toward other people. Until he was about 12, Jordan never really got to see his father unless it was a weekend, and those often got turned down as well. He got a job as a cashier at a grocery store, and went on a class trip to Chernarus, a country near Russia and East Asia. The civil war was over, but something else had loomed over the country after a while, the outbreak. Jordan's group was separated and he was left to fend for himself, never to see his family again.
  8. TheMcCafeMenu

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    Psst: I recommend writing in the first person.. Fred seems like an intimate kind of guy IC.
  9. Bud Lite Lime helped me through it Thanks man.
  10. TheMcCafeMenu


    Nope. Never have I ever gone to work high.
  11. Charles "Charlie" Dominic Howard was born on the 4th of December, 1994 to two loving parents and an older brother. Charles grew up to love sports, hunting, and exercise. He enlisted in the U.S Army at age 17 and was deployed a few months after he completed boot camp. Showing leadership qualities early on in his enlistment, Charles upgraded in ranks within his first two years of deployment. The 21st Infantry Division treated him good and he did the same. Two years after his promotion to PFC, Charles was promoted to Corporal, where he had over 250 men under his command when the Sergeant and other higher ups weren't around. He wanted to save more people than kill them, and showed his willingness through running into hailing bullets, rapid gunfire and nothing else in between them. He was then deployed to Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus, where he now resides after members of his team were all killed, leaving him the last one standing.
  12. TheMcCafeMenu

    S1 - KOS/RDM - 1:40 maybe? - Kabanino

    My character is a new member of D7, and was recruited just before I killed "Mr. Tony", I received the order to go and kill this man who I was told by Awimba Mucho that he initiated on him and D7 not long before he approached the gates. I completed the order and killed him. IC and OOC he told me this (not the initiation ooc in ic), so I aimed my AKM at him and killed him. Maybe ask @OxeNfor his POV?
  13. Jonah Sinclair was born in Melbourne, Australia on the 4th of December, 1988 to two loving parents. He grew up a lonely child with no siblings and little friends. He was academically inclined and inspired from a young age, wanting to practice medicine since the age of 12. He was the Valedictorian of his graduating class in high-school, and went on to study Biology at the University of Melbourne and applied to the University of Sydney to get his M.D. With all of these achievements, he was selected after many years of surgical practice to travel to Chernarus to become a Trauma Surgeon in Chernogorsk, where he resided for the next year. Until, the outbreak hit. Jonah was alone, and unsure about the whereabouts of his Fiance, Lauren, and his newborn son, Christopher. He wandered around Chernarus for a while, searching for his family, but now, he just needs to find out how to make it in a world with so much hate.
  14. DAY 1: *My name is Troy Lafayette, and if you're reading this, you might just have lived longer than I have in this god-forsaken world. I miss my home, my parents, girlfriend, and my unborn child. I miss being back in Iraq, actually. I used to have all sorts of feelings toward Iraqi's and the way they used to kill my men, I hate them so much, still. I had 25 men die under my command at one point, and I couldn't save them. It's my fucking job to do that, and I felt powerless. And, without a substance, that wasn't the worst part, it was looking into my best friend's eyes as he died. My PTSD has gotten so severe that whenever I hear a gunshot, I panic. Not if I know where it is, but if I don't know where it's coming from, I just think of Joey and the men that died for me that day. When those shots are fired at me, I get this uncontrollable blood-lust, but not sexually. I haven't felt an emotional connection to anyone in almost two years, and all I can blame is myself. I push people away, or I kill them, there is no in-between.* *Today I ran with the Green Dragons down to Chernogorsk to help them fight the good fight. I killed a man along the way, I shot him five times in a second with my M4A1, just like the one I had in Iraq but with a whole lot more attachments. I didn't even think, because I've finally realized that I'm a trained killer. You have to realize that you need your weapon to be like your finger, you don't think about it when you point your finger, so why not your gun? I'm currently in Chernogorsk just sitting on top of this church that wont stop ringing it's damn bells. It tones out the noise of the gunfire I hear off in the distance. It reminds of me a time when I was at my happiest, when I was just deployed in Iraq to fight the good fight, just like I am now.* *Dr. Shock recommended I write down my feelings onto paper so I can get the bad thoughts out, and throw them into something good for myself and can be beneficial to other people in the future if they read this. Maybe you're reading this right now and thinking, "This guy is fucking crazy. What the fuck was wrong with him?", and honestly, I wouldn't blame you. I cant think of how I'm gonna make it any longer in this world, when all I see is my friends get eaten by the dead or shot by fucking Kamenici. This Chernarussian fucks think they can fuck with the foreigners and become immune to my bullets. I've already taken out two of them, so atleast they know I wont turn a blind eye to their god-damn nonsense.* *Someone needs to step up in this world and become the superpower, not making small communities that take over one or two towns, but a group that's so powerful it takes over an entire section of the map rather than a quarter of one. It's ridiculous, because if you walk into a town and greet someone, they're most likely a local who doesn't want you in their god-damned town. I got shot the other day because the Jackal's took over Kabanino for an hour or something, hit me right in the pouch on my plate carrier where I keep all my Oxycodone, the good shit. The kind of meds that you would take and not give a shit about nothing for atleast a few hours. I need one of those right about now, or four. Anyway, I'll write down my thoughts more, so if this is the last entry you see, I died the next day. Farewell.* *Troy Lafayette, 26th Infantry Division Corporal, Combat Medic, U.S Army.*
  15. TheMcCafeMenu

    Whats your occupation?

    Grocery bagger/Cashier about 5-6 hours almost every day, and college student at Vanderbilt University hoping to move on to Georgetown Law once I pay my tuition.
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