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  1. TheMcCafeMenu

    The Reporter Is Not Broken, - Fred Felker. (Private Journal)

    Psst: I recommend writing in the first person.. Fred seems like an intimate kind of guy IC.
  2. Bud Lite Lime helped me through it Thanks man.
  3. TheMcCafeMenu


    Nope. Never have I ever gone to work high.
  4. Charles "Charlie" Dominic Howard was born on the 4th of December, 1994 to two loving parents and an older brother. Charles grew up to love sports, hunting, and exercise. He enlisted in the U.S Army at age 17 and was deployed a few months after he completed boot camp. Showing leadership qualities early on in his enlistment, Charles upgraded in ranks within his first two years of deployment. The 21st Infantry Division treated him good and he did the same. Two years after his promotion to PFC, Charles was promoted to Corporal, where he had over 250 men under his command when the Sergeant and other higher ups weren't around. He wanted to save more people than kill them, and showed his willingness through running into hailing bullets, rapid gunfire and nothing else in between them. He was then deployed to Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus, where he now resides after members of his team were all killed, leaving him the last one standing.
  5. TheMcCafeMenu

    S1 - KOS/RDM - 1:40 maybe? - Kabanino

    My character is a new member of D7, and was recruited just before I killed "Mr. Tony", I received the order to go and kill this man who I was told by Awimba Mucho that he initiated on him and D7 not long before he approached the gates. I completed the order and killed him. IC and OOC he told me this (not the initiation ooc in ic), so I aimed my AKM at him and killed him. Maybe ask @OxeNfor his POV?
  6. Jonah Sinclair was born in Melbourne, Australia on the 4th of December, 1988 to two loving parents. He grew up a lonely child with no siblings and little friends. He was academically inclined and inspired from a young age, wanting to practice medicine since the age of 12. He was the Valedictorian of his graduating class in high-school, and went on to study Biology at the University of Melbourne and applied to the University of Sydney to get his M.D. With all of these achievements, he was selected after many years of surgical practice to travel to Chernarus to become a Trauma Surgeon in Chernogorsk, where he resided for the next year. Until, the outbreak hit. Jonah was alone, and unsure about the whereabouts of his Fiance, Lauren, and his newborn son, Christopher. He wandered around Chernarus for a while, searching for his family, but now, he just needs to find out how to make it in a world with so much hate.
  7. DAY 1: *My name is Troy Lafayette, and if you're reading this, you might just have lived longer than I have in this god-forsaken world. I miss my home, my parents, girlfriend, and my unborn child. I miss being back in Iraq, actually. I used to have all sorts of feelings toward Iraqi's and the way they used to kill my men, I hate them so much, still. I had 25 men die under my command at one point, and I couldn't save them. It's my fucking job to do that, and I felt powerless. And, without a substance, that wasn't the worst part, it was looking into my best friend's eyes as he died. My PTSD has gotten so severe that whenever I hear a gunshot, I panic. Not if I know where it is, but if I don't know where it's coming from, I just think of Joey and the men that died for me that day. When those shots are fired at me, I get this uncontrollable blood-lust, but not sexually. I haven't felt an emotional connection to anyone in almost two years, and all I can blame is myself. I push people away, or I kill them, there is no in-between.* *Today I ran with the Green Dragons down to Chernogorsk to help them fight the good fight. I killed a man along the way, I shot him five times in a second with my M4A1, just like the one I had in Iraq but with a whole lot more attachments. I didn't even think, because I've finally realized that I'm a trained killer. You have to realize that you need your weapon to be like your finger, you don't think about it when you point your finger, so why not your gun? I'm currently in Chernogorsk just sitting on top of this church that wont stop ringing it's damn bells. It tones out the noise of the gunfire I hear off in the distance. It reminds of me a time when I was at my happiest, when I was just deployed in Iraq to fight the good fight, just like I am now.* *Dr. Shock recommended I write down my feelings onto paper so I can get the bad thoughts out, and throw them into something good for myself and can be beneficial to other people in the future if they read this. Maybe you're reading this right now and thinking, "This guy is fucking crazy. What the fuck was wrong with him?", and honestly, I wouldn't blame you. I cant think of how I'm gonna make it any longer in this world, when all I see is my friends get eaten by the dead or shot by fucking Kamenici. This Chernarussian fucks think they can fuck with the foreigners and become immune to my bullets. I've already taken out two of them, so atleast they know I wont turn a blind eye to their god-damn nonsense.* *Someone needs to step up in this world and become the superpower, not making small communities that take over one or two towns, but a group that's so powerful it takes over an entire section of the map rather than a quarter of one. It's ridiculous, because if you walk into a town and greet someone, they're most likely a local who doesn't want you in their god-damned town. I got shot the other day because the Jackal's took over Kabanino for an hour or something, hit me right in the pouch on my plate carrier where I keep all my Oxycodone, the good shit. The kind of meds that you would take and not give a shit about nothing for atleast a few hours. I need one of those right about now, or four. Anyway, I'll write down my thoughts more, so if this is the last entry you see, I died the next day. Farewell.* *Troy Lafayette, 26th Infantry Division Corporal, Combat Medic, U.S Army.*
  8. TheMcCafeMenu

    Whats your occupation?

    Grocery bagger/Cashier about 5-6 hours almost every day, and college student at Vanderbilt University hoping to move on to Georgetown Law once I pay my tuition.
  9. Reason for Ban: What I would like to achieve: to get unbanned, as the report is closed and I cannot post my POV in the report, specifically. Why the verdict isn't fair: The report is closed, so I couldn't post my POV. What I could have done better: posted my POV earlier rather than not checking forums. My POV: Pogo asks anyone to search the hostages for radios, I go up and start searching them IC. I see everyone is uneasy, and I start to feel the tension. I notice there's a guy in the back of the room with his gun out, so I think something bad and not very thoughtful might happen. The guy in the dust masks fires his AK and kills two of the hostages without them provoking him, or giving him reason to kill them. They followed our instructions, and it was an invalid execution in my opinion.
  10. Troy Lafayette was born on the 16th of August, 1995, in Vernon, Vermont to two loving parents and three older brothers. As a child, Troy loved to be outdoors almost all the time, whether it was hunting, fishing, or hanging out with friends, Troy just wanted to be outside. He had also wanted to join the Army ever since he was a young child, so as soon as he graduated high school, Troy was deployed with the 26th Infantry Division in Afghanistan. He quickly rose up in the ranks, eventually landing himself out of the war in Afghanistan. He took a three week vacation he had earned to go and visit with his girlfriend, who was a reporter traveling around the Middle-East and Eastern Europe. His girlfriend was reporting live from Chernarus, about people who were attacking others and eating them. She died during the live report, and Troy was stuck in Chernarus.
  11. Trent was the average 20 year old when he decided to go to Chernarus; he had a girlfriend, job, a family who supported him, and a baby on the way. He had never gotten a job in his life, until he realized he had to step up for his new family he had to support. He worked constant hours, and barely had any time to do anything besides sleep and work. He started to not eat right, and he dropped almost 20 pounds in the span of a few months. He and his girlfriend decided they wanted to take a trip around the world (during pregnancy) in order to get what they wanted before their child was to be delivered. With less than a month left for the 'round the world trip, the virus hit Chernarus; and he and his girlfriend were in the heat of it all. His wife was mauled in front of him, leaving him scarred for the rest of his life. He was able to get in touch with his father, and they were able to make sure to tune into a specific frequency on the radio and talk by using Morse Code. He currently is nomadic in his lifestyle and believes he is closer to death every day.
  12. Jacoby Kingsbury was just the average young man living out his life in Kampala, Uganda. He had two brothers, a sister, and a mother who loved them all very much. Jacoby struggled with mental illness and drug abuse until the age of 24, when he moved back to his birthplace in Jackson, Mississippi, when he had hit rock bottom with his addiction. Waking up in the middle of an open field, butt naked, with a bull behind him wanting to kill him, as he trespassed into a herd of cattle in the middle of the night. The bull broke Jacoby's tailbone and shattered his forearm, making him develop arthritis at the age of 26. Due to the significant amount of pain in him on a daily basis, Jacoby cannot shoot a gun very accurately. Jacoby went to Chernarus because of a family trip to Russia, where his mother had always dreamed of going to since she saw it on a billboard in Hollywood. The other reason for going to Chernarus was because Jacoby needed a change of scenery, and relaxation after settling into the U.S Marine Corps after he became clean. Jacoby served for 12 years and did three tours in Iraq, coming out unscathed. But on the family trip to Russia, the outbreak happened. Jacoby saw his entire family get eaten in front of him. The first time he saw an infected, it was chewing his sister's ear off, and trying to rip out her throat. Jacoby had to smash the biters' head, and his sisters. He never lets this discourage him from moving on, thinking that there will only be death everywhere he goes. He started to live in the middle of nowhere for a while, with few neighbors in a small community off the coast of Kamyshovo.
  13. Kendall Stapleton was born on the 5th of October, 1981. Born and raised in the countryside of Toledo, Ohio, Kendall is a knowledgeable outdoorsman and avid hunter. Though he lacks social skills, he makes up for it in experience with his environment. He felt the need to rebel against his parents after they rejected him for not wanting to join the military like his father did, so he packed his things and went on the first flight to anywhere but the United States. The place he chose happened to be Chernarus, Russia. He thought that he could live in the outdoors in this random place in Russia, where he felt he could be himself. About ten years after he moved to Chernarus, the apocalypse broke out, now he has to navigate a different kind of life and different people. A social way of life, and the undead.
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