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  1. I've been RPing on here since about January and I have never felt immersed, I've just had a lot of fun doing this. Is there certain things you do before you RP in order to get in the mind of your character? What should I do in order to get immersed. Thanks!
  2. Server and location: S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:53 PM UTC Your in game name: Radoslav Zdenek Names of allies involved: Not an ally but a witness, maybe a victim @TheCrowebar Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A LOGS will show Detailed description of the events: I literally walked into a barrack in Zelenogorsk and someone walked right behind me and started shooting at me (very badly) with a shotgun. I immediately freak and I punch him once, for obv reasons.. he doesn't provide any type of RP. I get blasted and I die.
  3. I think it would be very cool and more realistic if the spawn locations for infected could be placed at random spots in the woods.. not too much, but enough that would show that not all infected are in cities. Would this be possible, Devs?
  4. *You would hear light static as a distorted voice plays over the radio*: "Serves you right, you sack of shit. Rot in hell, for all I care." *He would release the PTT*
  5. Enjoyed the campfire RP and the run in with those cannibals who have been hunting me down for days lol. @Camogreat RP as always especially helping out the dumb kid on his travels and not killing him yet
  6. I'm sure a lot of members would agree that everyone should have the right to view the new whitelist applications, but not send messages to the players who aren't whitelisted.. it's just something that I think would be cool to see, especially other members old whitelist applications to see how far we've come in character background creation, interests, etc.
  7. He presses the PTT: "Is there anyone settled in Mogilevka?"
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I'm aware I was banned for excessive OOC, but I don't think a two day ban is justifying it when it did no harm.. It was 3AM for me and around the same time for my friends. The RP was bland at the time and our friend kept crashing when trying to load in, so along with some campfire RP we threw quite a bit of OOC in the mix. It was only the two of us (if you don't count the guy who kept crashing) so we weren't involving other players in the OOC talk. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We've all been guilty of some excessive OOC when playing, I'm aware it breaks immersion but when you have a character loading in and crashing next to you multiple times, that ruins the immersion more than some OOC instead of blatantly pointing out that someone keeps "waking up" and "going back to sleep" for a few seconds. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Keeping the warning points on my account, but getting my ban revoked from in game. And if I get another guilty verdict before the warning points are taken off on the 20th, I would receive the next highest punishment besides this two-day ban. What could you have done better?: Probably a lot more than what I did. It was excessive to talk that much OOC in game, I should have talked in discord rather than typing in game. I'm already aware that what I did isn't totally justifiable to others, and I just hope that I can get back to DayZRP ASAP. I do apologize for it, and I'm aware I was completely in the wrong. It truly was a one time thing that I surely wont do again (excessively).
  9. Jordan Hudson POV: We see a guy running along a road somewhere around Green Mountain, and decide to hold him up for information about a previous encounter we had. We decide to hold this guy up kind of close to Green Mountain in the woods, we IMMEDIATELY take both of his radios and frisk him, he has no batteries in either of his radios. He claims he doesn't have any buddies and there is some silence when we start asking him to move along in the woods. Finally, we approach a lone dirt road where his friend is already aiming down his rifle at us from about 150-200 meters away, and starts taking shots from the entire opposite side of the road. I tell the hostage to stay in the middle and to not move, @Miles Benson gets shot in the head and I hide behind a tree for cover. I peek around the tree and I get one-tapped. As for the OOC we had no one around us at the time and Stan Dahmer was having problems with his game crashing, it was pretty late for us and RP was bland at the time, but it doesn't really justify that much OOC.
  10. *This private journal belongs to Jordan Hudson, if found on dead character you may use this information IC* (feedback and praises are always appreciated on this thread :D) It's been a long time since I've written in a journal. Almost a year, if I recall correctly. I get these.. bad thoughts, now; like I would be better off if I was dead. I'm too much of a pussy to actually do it, but I want it to happen on some days. Maggie and my unborn son were the only things that kept me going after the shit hit the fan, and I should've ended it when she got killed by that scumbag in the black ski mask. I hunted that fucker down for weeks and weeks, until I finally found him over in Myshkino by the summer camp, and boy.. the things I did to him are.. how you say.. unsavory. I gutted him like the dog he was, and I kept reviving him as I was doing it so he could see what I was actually doing to him. He beat her to death.. in front of me.. and I just watched, like a fucking coward. Day 769: Entry One. I woke up today and got my fire going, as usual. I got myself a big-horned Ram that I'm quite proud of, a good 120lb one, maybe 80lbs of meat. I had to go into town today, the thing I've been trying to avoid ever since Gruber and his bullshit got a bullet in my shoulder, for the SECOND time. Robberies have been happening more frequently in the Bor region, it seems as though they're slowly moving north from that shithole Chernogorsk. They made this guy strip naked in the middle of an open field, and told him to get on the ground and tie himself up.. when he did, he was face-down, practically eating the damn dirt, they still shot him in the head.. they just killed him right then and there, like they were swatting away a fly. I found Trent Jäger in Zelenogorsk trapped inside the police station.. he couldn't even open the door because there were so many infected. I cleared them out with my Glock and he got out. He didn't know how to repay me, so I asked him to help me find a decent hunting rifle besides the piece of shit CZ rifle I had, he obliged and took me down to his stash in Chernogorsk where he gave me a Winchester hunting rifle, the holy grail of hunting rifles. I left without anyone noticing and came back to camp and cooked myself some of that ram I killed that morning.. the Chernarussian woman who made the spice rub sure did a hell of a job making it with just the right amount of zest, I guess. There were these weird radio broadcasts.. advertising about cannibals within the Green Mountain region and how they wanted fresh meat, and that they were willing to do whatever it takes, even if you kicked and screamed.. absolutely horrifying. I gotta track these fuckers down or something, they're out of control.
  11. I'm just sick of only seeing the shorts that only go up to your thighs lol. @reapstarr may be able to rock the denim shorts that ride along the crotch because of his "insulated thighs" lmao, but cargo shorts would be a great addition to add. If it's possible, it would be a pretty cool addition in my opinion.
  12. Doesn't it make sense to add shorts that dont just go UP TO YOUR THIGHS in the mods? It's summer, not everyone would be wearing pants.. Cargo shorts/dad shorts and jean shorts should be added so not everyone is wearing pants.
  13. Server and location: Server 1 Cherno, Legion/Wolfpack camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14/08/2019 3:55 AM - 4:00 AM UTC Your in game name: Jordan Hudson Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Hit logs will show the distance Detailed description of the events: I entered the camp in Chernogorsk for the very first time when all of a sudden, I get shot three times by some random guy with an AK (surprisingly I lived, with no vest), and the only reason he stopped trying to kill me was because I said "Please dont kill me! Please, please, please!" as I ran towards him. And even after that, he told me to fuck off and leave.. no RP whatsoever, and pretty much an attempted KOS.
  14. I never raised my weapon at you or toward you at all. Right there proves your story does not line up with your buddies' pov. Anyway, I never did initiate on you whatsoever. Telling someone to stay where they are is not initiation, even when I said "you better stay, guys." I never stated a consequence or raised my gun for initiation. When you all decided to run down the road, one of you decided to look back at me, which gave me the opportunity to shoot in the air one time to gain your attention because you all were too far away to hear me yell. You immediately start opening fire when I even explained I just wanted to talk to you when you rushed at the gates. I locked myself in the guard shack because I knew exactly how this was going to end, just another excuse to kill someone, and a reason to gain more loot or something. Almost no rp was even used when I was buckled down in the guardshack to talk me down as well, to see if I would compromise. You rush the guard shack and someone threw two frag grenades, you unlock the guardshack doors and rush into the bathroom and take me down. Im assuming (not accusing) you also metagamed by not talking in game over the radio If you were using discord to talk to them, because I didn't hear your voice at all outside the shack.
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