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  1. He is the oldest of two other brothers Paul, and Keaton. After their teenage hooligan crime days they have all lived separate lives until Paul rounds up the brothers in search of some kind of unknown treasure hidden in the black mountains of Chernarus, due to his horrible Canadian gambling debt he decided dragging his gun worthy brothers would be the best chance for him to make his riches again. In Matt's past he used to organize robberies by laying down a plan of attack, and escape with minimal witnesses and hopefully always without a body dropping. "However with bodies dropping and scores not paying the bills, how could I not say Fuck it To Paul's request of some riches in some castle on top of a mountain beside some kind of military airfield. Maybe robbing the airfield is a little second haul of mine but I think it would be stupider to not have a plan B traveling to some cold war stockpiled ruskie shithole with nothing but what this almost third world airport security lets on. Oh I guess everyone's getting sick too. Fucking Great."
  2. yeah that was the only private thing on my profile which was weird but all good thank ya
  3. Hello, I am trying to whitelist and it says "We could not find DayZ on your Steam account!", I've tried multiple browsers and still no game is found. My friends have been able to get past this no problem, any feedback would help. Thank you in advance.
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