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  1. when John was born in Electrozadsk he had a mom and dad and a younger sister. his father would always take him out into the countrie side where they would go hunting for deer or rabbit. his mom was a stay at home mom who did most of the home chorse. his sister always wanted to hunting them but his dad wouldn't let her. his mom was from England so she would always teach John how to speak good English. he'd always hang around the police station he'd dream anytime he could about becoming a police men. but most of his time when he wasn't in school he was out in the wilderness with his father who would teach him survival tricks like hoe to boil water and cook different types of meat and proper ways to skin a animal or how to set up a tent. when he turned 21 he tried out for the police academy and fit in perfectly and after a few months of traing he finally became a police officer and now protected the town of Electro. a few years went by and he had a couple arrests under is belt. many citizens of Electro knew his name. and knew he was there to protect and wouldn't let anything slide. one night in 2020 he saw on the knews that a flue was growing rapidly in chernarus. John knew that that his parents were going to be at risk for this and they were already quarantining themselves. the news also said that there was going to be a new mandatory curfew to try and help stop the spread. the next morning John was called out to guard the east end of Electro and to not let any one in or out of the town. when he got there he could see a couple cars stopped by a new gate blocking the road and a man yelling to the police to let him out. a few weeks past by and John got a call from the local hospital that was already flooded with sick pationts. the doctor told John that his father as contracted the flu witch has bin spreading rapidly throughout Cherno. the doctor said he could visit him until they deem him safe to go back home. at this time John was assigned to monitor a medical camp in the middle of Electro because of military has taken over security of the boarders. five days pass and the doctor calls and tells John that his dad has bin deemed suitable to be released back home. after work John drove and picked up his father from the hospital. while John was driving back he couldn't help but see how pail his father has gotten. he almost looked green. he told his father that he will check in on him when hes off work. a week later John has noticed a lot more violence from the citizens. mostly aggravated assaults on other citizens for police officers. after work John drove to go see his parents and as he was walking to the front door he could see that one of the windows was broken. John assumed the worse, he pulled out his pistole and slowly opened the door. John saw that the dining room table was flipped over and a vase was broken on the floor. John could hear some thumping coming down the hall from his parents bedroom. he slowly walked down towords the door and pushed it open revealing his mothers dead body. her throat ripped open. and standing behind it was his father. John could see that his fathers hands were covered in blood. John yelled at his father but got no response its like his father isn't even there like it was some stranger. his father slowly started to walk at John, John told his father to stay back but his father leapt over at John. John had to think fast and pulled his pistol up and shot his father in the chest four times. that was enough to stop him. John just stood there tears running down his face he walks out of the room. but something catches his eye blood from the bathroom. its his sister John falls to the floor tears rushing down his face confusion and anger running through his brain. BAM he hears a explosion, John runs outside and sees smoke coming from the middle of town followed by gun shots ringing out. John cant think his hole life is falling apart. he just runs. runs strait out of Electro toward the woods. He forgets about everything els. a week and a half later and John has a make shift tent and a fire. but hes all out of pistole ammo witch he used for hunting animals. his pistole wasn't the best for hunting because of how small the caliber is. forced back out of the woods in search of food John has to venture back into town with no knowledge of how life has changed.
  2. I "Ben Walsh" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.
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