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  1. Said Said he can play around before I get back. Yeah I told him the password and I said to loot up for me Don't share it all the time he doesn't live with me was here for awhile and I let him play Other people use the pc but not for dayz, online searches social media w/e they do
  2. I'm not the only one who plays this pc bann me for letting my cousin use it 3:32 is when I was back home and on
  3. Didn't wait animation didn't even finish before you shot me. I was still bending down and pop. Shows in the Gif Either or I did press it but I wasn't going to shoot myself. Non of you was at Gun point and you shot me anyways. And im glad you did because I would have been late I should report you for that but im not
  4. I couldn't Roleplay I said I had to leave I even asked phenoixx if we can finish this RP another day Damn near almost late to what I had to go do, and all phoenix kept saying was whats your position in que over and over. IMO non of you was there when I logged off. You didn't even know where I logged off you had to find me. IDK what that is called but I would have gotten away if I wasn't called into Help Desk. Fae didn't even report me and she was the one complaining about bad RP. You wanted my revenge and you got it I don't see why there is a report on something I had to deal with IRL Pheonixx knew that as well http://prntscr.com/pzaf48 http://prntscr.com/pzafj3 http://prntscr.com/pzafxw http://prntscr.com/pzagio Also before I spoke with him I was in que for 30mins you can obviously see how long it took me to long in. I wasn't avoiding anything but being late to my IRL issues
  5. Already spoke with the people we robbed I was told to go to the help Desk Immediately by Fae and a few others so after I killed the remaining people I left the schene and nobody else was around I logged off to go to the help desk. We spoke and sorted things out and they told me to log back in after we finished talking so I did. I came back in and someone said put your hands up and then they shot me.The reason I told them to kill me was because I had to go I even told Fae I don't have 2-3hrs to log in and it was taking hrs to get back into the game. That's the reason I said to kill me if I log back in I am not avoiding RP if I have things to do in real life. If I have things to do IRL go ahead and bann me for it. But I let my guy log back in because I know they wanted my gear.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Never used a landmine before and I didn't know you had to have your house/base walled off to use a landmine correctly. 7days seems a bit harsh I have been around for about a year or less and this is the first time I ever got reported over something I didn't know. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was only told later after one of my friends saw a report that he sent me a link of the rules about landmines. I didn't know that you have to remove the landmine after it was being placed. Nor did I know the place had to be walled off. Honestly I had kill rights on two other guys who was raiding my base and I used that landmine for them waiting for them to come back. Only because I scared them away and I thought they would come back once it turned night again. Then someone else blew up on it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To explain why 7day ban should be lowered for not knowing you need to remove the landmine. Never read that in the rules when I first started. Also I feel like putting the landmine for a different roleplay was a good idea but I did not intentionally meant to kill a random person. I even have a video of the dead man in my backyard. Only because I was waiting for the two other intruders to come back. What could you have done better?: TBH what I was told from the person who banned me was call an admin or shoot the landmine. Now I know that your base had to be walled off so next time before planting a landmine, I'll wall off my base before setting traps for unwanted guest.
  7. There was people trying to break into my house earlier today and it was dark. I scared them off. Then I set the land mine and waited for their return because I thought they would come back after I pretended it wasn't my house. I locked myself inside for about 1hr and then I heard the explosion go off and he died it wasn't meant for him it was meant for two other individuals trying to break in earlier. I was going to build my base up and wall off the entire compound I had no nails and was waiting on a friend of mines to bring me some. Also I do not know how to remove the mine once it is set down
  8. My friend didn't shoot a group of 8people. From what I was told after the situation ended there was about 3-4guys he shot at. You and your leggily so called hostages make the 8. IMO you guys should have stayed inside the house if you didn't want to be involved. You stood out like a sore thumb and that's a bad decision IC. You knew people where going to die.
  9. Read my first response I said I heard shoot only during the gunfight I also said I was not 100% sure if he said shoot because of the loud gunshots. He didn't know my currently location he only knows I am out there somewhere watching the entire scene. I make sure he is always safe. You can say I am his body guard. Is there anything you would like me to explain because you are not reading what I write. I also want to know now that you are part of this group of 8? Since you just said it which now does not make you an innocent bystander.
  10. If you actually read what I wrote I left my position from 100meters away and got closer to the scene. As I was walking up I heard the shots and I was around the corner. I peeped my head around the corner and saw people and shot the first guy I saw. I didn't see anyone stand on the bus stop until I hit the corner. Remind you I had to walk around without being seen so I took my time. Its dark and there was a cut down tree in front of you so the light was bad for me since I was looking down at you guys from a higher position. That's when you guys was still walking around checking buildings and so on. You also disregarded the fact of not fearing of your life. You are interacting with hostile people. I do not know if you are innocent or not. All I saw was a group of people coming into town guns out holding people up. Read my first response and you will know why my character was edgy. How can I see people holding guns out or not if it only took me 1sec to look around the corner and shoot the first person. I got radioed to shoot. If you didn't want to get shot why was you out in the open of a gun fight? If there was a hostage situation and I was warned IC that there is another guy out there I would have been hiding inside of a building waiting for the situation to die down. Not standing outside where I can get domed. I know now that you were not hostile OOC'ly but that's not what I was feeling during the entire gunshot. Also you might not have had a gun out but the person that was running by the houses to your guys right was that is not in the video, after I had shot the guy.Also you guys just walking around in circles and didn't even decide to take cover after your friend was shot. Most Likely looking for me. I am 100% sure if I was to even hit the right guy you guys would have still came out looking for me and killed me. If I did die there would be no report.
  11. Is this towards me? If so I was never in a firefight you are right I heard the shots was informed to shoot. I shot the first person I saw that was near the store. Either or I didn't see who shot imo you all was the shooters.
  12. Never said you edited a video just saying its skips. I seen all of you interacting with each other. All of you are one group. I only reacted to what I saw off my screen you can tell me all of this, but this is all OOC information. My character went with what he saw and what he saw was a bunch of hostile people, Holding up his friends. I can't tell who is who because its dark but I knew you guys are a group. You was just unlucky to be on the wrong side of the barrel. You knew bad things was going to happen you still stayed. That's your fault, not fearing for your characters life knowing someone out there has a gun over the entire situation. You was even warned IC yet you just hung around like it was a movie to be watched that was in your video. I can't hear non of this I was about 100meters away watching the entire thing before I got closer to the scene and then heard the shots. You never fell back when you heard the shots you stood there watching the entire thing. Im going off your video didn't see that IC. Also for all I know the people who was shooting at the store could have been on discord with you. I am not talking about the people who was next to you. Your 2friends who you said that was running didn't run away. They ran directly where the shots came from with guns out. Also to remind you I didn't see who was shooting as I was around the corner of a building. All I heard was shots and my friend said to shoot them. 6:30-6:50 you say only thing I have is a NV scope to help you guys out. You never had good intentions. I will no longer respond I will wait for an admin to decide.
  13. We was in Zelenogorsk just roleplaying meeting new people trading things etc. Then a random guy comes out of no where when it was dark and pointed a gun at four people and started saying alright put your hands up and give me everything. I took off running, shots was exchanged and the man died. Later on one of the guys that was held up started stealing from our shop and I kept an eye on him. He was acting all weird scoping out the store and creeping around all crouched. I then started to think he was talking to people on the radio because he was standing still from a distance then starts peeking back at the shop. Repeatedly doing the same thing. I was suspicious and thought he was calling people to come. I walked around Zelenogorsk multiple times then I noticed another man that was geared creeping in the dark with his gun out. I ran by he said hello but I ignored him. Ran around another building to see a man on a Scaffolding laying down staring at our store with his gun out as well. Then I realized alright we are going to get into something. I took off and hid in one of the buildings waiting and watching the store from a distance. Then later on I see 5-7people come as a group and started running around at the fountain drinking water with their guns out. By that time I suspected they was looking for me but they had never found me as I was hiding in a building. Then later I see my friend getting held up at gun point and told him to walk into the store. When they got inside I lost sight since they probably went to the back room. I came out of my hiding spots and started walking around Zelenogorsk to get a better look. The entire time I was trying to radio contact him but no response. I started fearing the worse that my friend was going to die or was already dead. I waited a few more minutes then I heard gunshots. During the time I was hearing gunshots I thought I heard him on the radio say shoot them. Wasn't 100% sure. I walked around the corner and I see a few figures standing and staring at the building wasn't 100% sure if they was armed or not. I knew they was hostile because they been there for awhile. I took a shot because I was ready for a gun fight. After I shot the man I spoke into my radio to make sure my friend was okay. No response. I decided to leave since I thought he was dead and I wasn't going to fight the remaining 4guys alone. Oh yeah after shooting that guy in the head I seen 2of them running at me with guns out who was standing next to the guy I shot. IMO, your video you was warned that there was an armed man attempting to save his friend but you completely brushed that off your shoulder saying if I get shot we will be ready. You knew damn well that something bad was going to happen but you continue to stay. You was not a by stander, as I seen the video I know now OOC that you wasn't the people who held him up. IC'ly I seen you with the group and Ic'ly you was a part of people who was shooting my friends. That is what I seen that makes you just as guilty since your affiliated with them. I heard gunshots and I shot when I thought I heard my friend speak during the gunshots. Your video also skips but I have the part where the gunshots go off and I have you also saying I got killed on discord right when you got shot which is MG. This entire video just shows you that you messed up it has nothing to do with me at all. Its your own video I just had to kept clicking on certain minutes to hear the shots and you died. Also the group you was with always does the same thing everyday from what I was told on discord they have the same voices as Anarchy. All they do is hold people at night and rob them when nobody else can see since they think night vision can protect them. You was with a hostile group that does not make you an innocent by stander. You can't also pretend to be a hostage I already seen all of you together. It was not kill on sight. This is my POV
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