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  1. Rhett Bohannon. Rhett was born and raised in Gatlinburg, Tennessee On July 30th 1993. Rhett grew up on a very big farm his parents were very prominent farmers they had over 700 acres of farmland they grew numerous things such as Tobacco, Corn, Cotton as well as fruits and vegetables. they were also very prominent in Animal Husbandry they raised Horses and and cattle mostly. Rhett was taught and trained to work the farm since he was old enough to walk. the family were also gun owners so Rhett Quickly learned his way around a firearm he enjoyed hunting very much and was a very good tracker and survivalist Rhett would spend his weekends camping deep in his families land he found the survival aspect fun he would bring little to nothing with Him, He always enjoyed the thrill of survival camping It was just him in the woods by himself, he had to find his food build his shelter, and make sure he stayed warm. In February of 2016 when Rhett was 22 years old both of his Parents died in a fatal Car accident. Rhett decided to leave the farm June 10th of 2017. he left the farm in the hands of one of his cousins, and left to go to the foreign country of Chernarus. where one of his cousins owned a small failing farm near the town of Gorka. Rhett with his knowledge from his families farm decided to travel there to help his cousin return his farm to Proficiency. not knowing what was soon to come in the following month. come July of 2017 him and his cousins started hearing weird stories on the news of bombings and soldiers acting Rabid and attacking local livestock. Rhett and his cousin went to the town of Gorka to make their weekly Grocery run off the farm, upon their arrival the town appeared to be abandoned there no lights on and abandoned vehicles everywhere the cousins came upon a stumbling man and when they tried to get close and communicate he turned around and they saw half of his face was missing and ran away back to their vehicle and headed back to the farm to check the news station all they got was a message on repeat stating "The government insists you stay indoors, at all costs do not leave your house, we have reports of rabid attacks all around the country. Lock your doors and wait until government assistance arrives." but of course the help never arrived.
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