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  1. What about experimental 1.01 update, they said they probably fixed persistence problem?
  2. Hello guys! Im Vjex, comming from Croatia, 25 years old, wife, daughter, so kinda family guy.. ? I was playing dayz smth like 3-4 years on cracked random servers, i was lame to buy a game. Nowdays im going thrue old videos on youtube of my favourite players of dayz, and I get nostalgic just watching them haha.. Anyway in next few days i will buy the game, and hopfully ill start playing. One question about my specs. Im usining laptop Lenovo y520 with this specs: -> NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB -> Intel® Core i7 CPU, 7700HQ -> 4GB RAM Would that specs run the game or i should buy more RAM-s? Further on, i really like other sides of this game like good players, friendships u get along the journey etc.. I cant say i dont like PvP situations, but my style of playing is survivor/hero, not the bandit one. So i hope i will get to know some good people from this site all the way into server. Have a good one and i hope we see each others in game! Peace.
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