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  1. JHontz1917

    Server Crashing Bets

    What's HOF rank?
  2. JHontz1917

    Server Crashing Bets

    Do we win anything?
  3. I was laying prone up on one of the towers at the NWAF and I called out that there was two people further down the airfield so they said they were going to go talk to them over the radio. From then they started talking to them and when they started holding them up, one of them pulled a gun on my guy, I could have easily shot him right then but I didn't because I figured they had it under control. I saw that the other guy dropped his hands which that then cost them their lives. Exodius has video proof and will be showing in a few minutes. Since it was a live stream hes cutting off the previous couple hours so it's just showing before the engagement, the engagement itself and after.
  4. I was there for the situation, I was a sniper and I witnessed the whole thing, Ronda and Thurntis are my allies. They're asleep at the moment but when they get on I'll inform them about the report. We have a recording, better yet a live stream of the whole ingagement. I'll let the Exodius explain that because I have no video proof other that the kills themselves. Nothing before or after so theirs no point to showing it. I don't see a point in giving my POV because I was into a sniper and all I saw was my friends holding them up, one of them not complying and him paying for it, that's all I saw.
  5. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    I do recall it, look back at the second connect and disconnect
  6. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    I never said it went down for a few minutes?
  7. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    - User has been cautioned for this post -
  8. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    -User has been warned for this post-
  9. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    Well large groups have been hording guns for the longest time now before the wipe and they're going to do it again
  10. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    I'm not saying you, I'm saying green dragons in general
  11. JHontz1917

    S1- Vybor Combat log - 20/03/19 6:30am

    My POV: I'm at Vybor killing infected and this guy comes along as I'm doing so and we begin to talk. He leads me over to the water fountain and from there a guy from the bushes behind me tells me to put my hands up so I do and they lead me back into a shed and that's pretty much where my internet goes out and I'm still not able to get on. I'm sorry that I ruined the RP experience, I never intended for that to happen. I'm typing this from my phone using data so I wont be able to talk much because I'm trying to save data. Also I've been hearing a lot of you green dragon people that you take people's automatic guns or really any military grade weaponry. Jim isn't it against the rules to only rob people for their guns?
  12. JHontz1917

    Eyes in the Forest

    Ohhhhhhh no no no bro. Get outta here with that
  13. JHontz1917

    Mia's Adventures

    Looks like hes very happy to see me!
  14. When I was a child, I spent a lot of my life with my parents and living off the land away from civilization. We lived by the line, if we wanted something, we had to work for it. For the most part my life was very simple, too simple for my liking. I wanted to go places. I heard from school some of my friends talking about Chernarus, I asked them about it and they showed me pictures and everything the place has to offer and I was in love. I told my parents I wanted to go there so within a year, we did. But once we got there, within another year my mother died of cancer and my father became a drunk so I left him and set out on my journey.
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