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  1. The issue has not resolved with the removal of the winter map. I still get dropped, with no message, within 30-45s of joining.
  2. I will try reinstalling, but this is the only server where any of these issues manifest for me, which leads me to suspect the issue is local to the dayzrp ecosystem. I just wish it'd throw an error so I knew what I was working against.
  3. I managed to get into the game, but am still hitting similar issues as before. It feels almost like a massive desync, but I really don't know, because no errro code is thrown. I'm holding a pipsi that I picked up, so I know it's possible. However, I can't seem to get most items (and get dropped when I try?) Video: My settings: https://imgur.com/a/STGPNIm
  4. I was finally fast enough and was able to commit suicide. Now that the previous character is dead, the game is operating as expected and I am not experiencing any errors. I guess that, sometimes, death is the way out.
  5. That's good to hear. I think my most pulse pounding non encounter was fairly recently, when I was inside a house eating some beans when I heard somebody loading bullets into a magazine. I keyed up my mic and said "Hey buddy, I'm not looking for trouble here..." but received no response. I racked my Makarov, as an audible warning, and then stepped outside but found no one. It was great.
  6. Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem: https://imgur.com/a/x7NY9zF
  7. I figured that title was appropriate, because it's what I yell every time I see another player in DayZ (I usually get shot shortly after). I'm hoping that this server gives me a new home to play on, although, I have to admit that some of the adrenaline rush will be lost, as the other person is *probably* not going to just shoot me in the face.
  8. I have my character name (not my forum name, but the actual character's name) set in DZLauncher (same location indicated by your above screenshot). Under DayZ properties/launch options the field is blank. If I put a different name into the name parameter (in the launcher) I get booted instantly and given the battle eye warning. If I put "Scott Jotnar" I can enter the game, but will be kicked within a couple of seconds—often without any message displayed. Regardless of what I put, I see the same female character that generated when I first attempted to log in to the game.
  9. I have done this, but it is still taking me to the previous character.
  10. I tried to start playing before I realized that I needed to log my character here at the forums, and (of course) the game kept kicking me for having a non-active character. I have since registered the character, but now everytime I log in, I'm in the old one, which gets kicked. I tried to kill myself, but I apparently get kicked too fast for even that to work. How do I drop the old, unregistered, character so that I can start with my current active one?
  11. I am a reporter for the BBC, prior to the outbreak. I was sent to Chernarus to cover the increasing hostilities, only days before the Russian incursion. While covering the hostilities, and the later outbreak, I found myself embedded with a group of refugees who where seeking to leave the country by sea. However, once we arrived at the ports of the Lumber Mill we quickly learned that such an evacuation would be impossible. The docks had been swarmed by infected and there was no way to access the ships there--assuming they were not also over-run. The military liaison coordinating the evacuation suggested the group head south, to Electro. However, the refugees had begun drawing too much attention and the swarm of infected were drawing near. A small group of volunteers agreed to stay behind and attempt to draw the infected's collective attention by setting fire to the fuel depot near by. The infected seemed drawn by sound and light, so a large fire should be more appealing than a group of people, or so we all hoped. I went with them, to help where I could, but most importantly to document the bravery of these men and women. Should they not survive, someone needed to make sure that their sacrifice was known. I am not sure what happened, exactly, but the explosion was larger than expected and I was knocked out to sea. When I awoke, I was on the shore and I was alone. I do not know how long I was unconscious, but a significant span of time had passed. I do not know if anyone else survived or if the refugees escaped, but I do know their story and where they were headed. It's not much, but it is a start. Obviously, the story that I sett out to write will never be published, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be recorded. That the survivors shouldn't have their stories heard and their perspectives analyzed. A good reporter is also an investigator, and the only way to the bottom of this story is by talking to survivors and visiting the sites in search of clues. I am driven by two questions: What happened and who survived?
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