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  1. William was born in Somerset, England in 1999 he grew up around large a farming community and learnt to live off the land instead of having to buy produce at the shops, at the age of 14 he learnt how to hunt small game in the forests with shotguns and set up traps, he learnt all this from his grandfather. by the age 18 William decided to go to college to study and hopefully become a musician, while growing up William spent a lot of his free time playing guitar, piano and bass. While on holiday breaks at college he would travel back to his hometown and practice his hunting and some times travel to British Columbia and hunt bear and elk. On Williams second summer break in July 2017 himself and three friends from college headed to the Urals of Russia to hunt for the month , they had heard of the troubles that were happening in Russia and its conflicts in the Ukraine/chernaurs region but ignored the warnings , they would some come to regret that decision.
  2. Jager was part of the joint NATO operation to assist in the containment of the virus in Chernarus. Arriving with the main fleet of combined NATO forces of the coast of Chernarus. He first saw action on July 17th into south Zagoia, in which his squad was sent in by helicopter to support the CDF along with other NATO Divisions in an attempt to combat the outbreak in the area. while the main force headed to the city, his squad was to set up a field hospital at the NATO forward operating base to assist with any injured personal coming to the FOB.
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