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  1. I told the second man to put his gun down but he did not listen,He followed To raise his gun Also I edited my Post because I got mixed up with the word initiate, (I thought It means I proceeded to shoot)
  2. Ok so like @Muse said, We Planned it out before asking for the lift, We waited till we went further from the town. We waited some time until my friend told them that he needs food because we were ''starving' because there were there friends looting some houses not sure what they were doing. We then stopped, My friend got out and I then got out after him. My friend got his gun out and told @JamesCannon to put his hands up while I aimed my rifle at @SeelyDerkens . @JamesCannon then grabbed his gun out and instantly aimed it at @Muse so They started firing then the driver that I was aiming at put his gun up so I Then fired my rifle. I then look back and see another person which was my friend @Muse. I got confused and tought that it was the other guy so I shot him dead with one shot not even a chance of realising its my friend. And we where all outside of the car when all this happened. My friend said our (codeword) then we went on with the situation.
  3. Ok so When we all got out of the car my friend told one of the OP's To put there hands up, That OPinstantly grabbed his gun and fired. I had my firearm out and when I looked back I seen the other OP with his gun out aiming So I initiated on him
  4. Just close the report actually no point of reporting sorry for the waste of time
  5. Server and location: S2 Livonia Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:38 22/03/2020 Your in game name: Tyron Portelli Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @Malcom Moon Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video evidence NA Detailed description of the events: This guy threatened me over the radio and I finally found him, I then confronted him and so on..... I later followed him aimed my glock 18 at him (full auto) And told him he has 5 seconds to drop his weapons. He then proceeded to grab his AK and Kill me while I had a gun to his head, Had multiple whiteness on the scene.
  6. Hell yea @Woodzie Hope to meet again
  7. We dont have video evidence of anything. We did not break any rules, We hopped out of the car and my friend told one of the players the put there hands up and they then started shooting at us so I proceeded to fire back and also by mistake killed my friend witch is no problem.
  8. Tyron Is 26 years old, He was born in Malta and lived alone for most of his life. At 13 years of age he found a friend that goes with the name Alex Kowalsky. Alex was 11 years old and was on holiday in Malta. Tyron loved to explore and go to places like forests. He also liked to hunt and build, He loved the nature and wild life. He had escaped home and lived on the streets and in forests all his life alone and never got any help from anyone until he found Alex. They would meet up and make up there own activities and challenges together. At some point in Malta there was an announcement saying that there is something happening around the world that might turn into an Apocalypse, and it will soon arrive to Malta. They both figured and planned out that they were going to build a small boat and try get to another country safely because Malta is too small of a country to survive in. They got food by hunting and things to keep them alive on there journey. (note- this all happened 10 years later) They started building the boat and it took them just around 2 weeks to finish. By then there was already a lot of panic in Malta about what was gonna happen. The two of them then started sailing outside of Malta, Then were hoping to get to a safe country but little do they know that they ended up in the country named Chernaroaus that was even worst then every other country. After 3 weeks of sailing they saw the shore and quickly made there way there. They then got down took the little things they had started there journey.
  9. I dont have any vids.Im trying to install obs So what happened is me and him held this guy hostage.Later 2 guys outside of church told us they want our guns.our hostage started shouting out our info.We went on and shot the hostage.After some seconds the 2 people outside left and a chernarussian poped up saying to get outside with our hands up.We later done that and we were set free.I that cut the body up and started to eat it.(as a joke) I went up to josh and fed him the meat for 1 second and stopped.We later on continued with our rp.Again I apolies for what happened and im sure this will never happen again.I did not see it in the rules.Later I went to kabanino and he was there doing the canibal laugh and was sick.They then took me to a room interagated me.And then I was shot dead and loved the rp.I tought it was perfectly great rp.
  10. Oh I apoligies I did not know that will happen Thats all my fault and I understand.I did not know this laughing thing and all this.I forgot that I fed him that and it was only for like 2 seconds did not know that will happen.My fault.I toally admit that I did it but at the time I forgot that I did it.And also never seen this rule while reading trough.I apoligies for my actions Josh and all the others.Just a heads up doctors said I might have early demenia so I forget things now and then.I totally am sorry and I hope you understand that I am Josh also had a great time rping with you man
  11. Ivan was a very helpfull and loving child when he was young.He lived with only his mom.They both lived in the town of cherno, He went to school and always got A's and B's. He got bullied a lot but got trough every single hard time in life.Every time his mom needed him he was there for her.And when he was in need of her she was there.His father was killed in war so he dicided to join the military of chernarus.He trained hard and worked hard to help his mom and to keep the country safe. He was very confident with what he was doing and never gave up. One day when he was home with his mom someone with a bloody face broke inside his house and bit his mom to death.He grabbed his pistol and shot the indivisual that kille dhis mother.And thats when the apocalypse started.
  12. Matthew as they call him The watcher. A 39 year old man that has gone trough a lot of bad things in his life. Matthew was in a familly of 5, Him his mom,dad,sister and brother. Him and His mom loved eachother so much and never left eachothers side. She was always there for Matthew and he was always there for her. His dad tho abused him and his sister and brother. He smoked and has took loads of drugs.4 years later his dad died due to overdose and it was Matthew his mom and the siblings. One day they went out for a drive and they had a tragic car crash. His mom got badly ingured and died later in hospital. But his siblings all died at the time they crashed. Matthew was the only survivor. (10 years later turns 30 years old) Matthew has flew to and island with the name of chernarus.He went for vication to see how nice the place looks. After a couple of months he then moved to the Island and lived there. He really mised his familly and he became crazy. He went out to a farm were there were different kind of animals and also farmers. He watched them for a good 3 hours and started taking them down one by one with his knife. He took them inside a barn and ate them slowly. He then became a canibal and killed multiple other people. (7 years later) One day 2 people that looked bloody went to his window screaming and trying to break in.They tried to bite Matthew and he ran to his knife and sliced them up. He then found out that the island of chernarusis has now become an apocalypse.
  13. .Peter was a staff sergeant in the american Navy.He sailed for more than 16 years.He is in a family of 3 people,him his wife Jenny and his son Jim.He has lost his wife in a car accident.So he is basically only in a family of 2.One day Peter had to been deployed on the war ship to go sail for 5 months straight.He was on the ship for 2 months,But there was this day were one of his lance corporal just seemed to be going crazy.He was trying to bite people and hit people.He then bit one of Peters very good friend named Lucas. He did not stop biting him until his neck was not there anymore.the soldier got up like nothing happened. Lucas then striked at another soldier and started biting him to.It all started from there.Peter and some other soldiers jumped off the ship and got on one of the emergency boats .It was storming very badly,A huge wave hit Peter and knocked him out.He was knocked out for about 40 minuets if not more.But when he woke up he found himself on the coast of Chernarus.At this point Peter has lost most of his food and water he now needs to go ahead and find loot for himself.He is the only survivor that was on the ship.
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