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  1. alright thanks for the info, one question tho, can I slowly regain my memories over time leading to the point I remember my accident or I should always forget permanently?
  2. right so this is my first time dying. do I have to start a new character or can I continue on my adventures just that I ignore my death events im new.
  3. oh I already fixed it hours ago, just needed to remove winter chernarus thanks tho
  4. I don't have that. I guise its because I don't have a tag?
  5. it was? there is only one channel, community chat and there's no new posts
  6. so I was playing the rp server 15 hours ago and was able to connect and play it, but now that I have come back, I keep facing this issue and I don't know how to resolve it, did dayz or a mod recently update? if not how do I fix his?
  7. My Character is Austin Merkelo, A U.S army troop Pvt. who arrived at cherno on the 17th amid the widespread infection crisis. Austin is a quiet but perceptive and thoughtful soldier. He only recently merged into his current team, not really bonding well with his companions. He and his team were assigned to cover the north eastern area of Chapaevsk to secure the perimeter for the 100 detachment of doctors who had set up camp within Chapaevsk. on the 19th a massive wave of infected rushed to cherno, Austin and his team was stationed north east of chapaevsk when they were overrun and forced to retreat north into the country side. Amid the chaos he was separated from his team only to witness their last stand within an apartment complex. he had heard of CDF forces which had retreated into the country side and since he had lost his weapon, his equipment and clothes badly damaged, he had no choice but to seek aid and survive off the land, hoping he could find any remnants of humanity deep into the forests.
  8. hey sorry for the late response but idk how to private message you, and also I would like to state that this forums stuff like what were are commenting on is kind of new for me.
  9. thanks I hope its fun ride
  10. can I ask a few questions?
  11. eyy thanks hey how long you ben playing dayzrp?
  12. just joined the community, was hassle because my yahoo email wouldn't be accepted for some reason but its all good, my house is always busy with stuff so im constantly called to help with my parents and such so im not sure how me being afk sometimes will affect the experience but I hop it works out well.
  13. no im new here so im trying to create a new account, my first account, but the website doesn't allow yahoo emails so I have created a gmail account, also I already have a discord account for about a year and every time I want to link my discord to this website, the link does nothing and my discord account doesn't link to dayzrp account
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