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  1. Joe Joyce or better known as "Big" Joy Joyce is indeed a king, but not a usual Monarch that rules a nation, no.. The king of the Irish travellers or gypsies, throughout his life Big Joe has earned himself as the best bare knuckle boxer to ever have lived, He'd fight any man any time any where no matter the distance , legend goes that Joe dipped his hands in petrol for 20 minutes every day to make them as hard as rocks, never wore bandages for the fights he settles disputes his way or no way, constantly in search for the "grand fight" he travels to find the ultimate opponent! Twas not soon after Joe found himself alone on a plane bound towards Russia, against the wishes of his wife "Mary Shantell Teresa Ward Princess Joyce" he ventured forth to fight the boxing champions known as "Nikolai Valuev" a man of great strength and agility, days before the fight was about to begin law and order began to collapse in the greater Russian region, weeks went by as more chaos erupted transport came to a halt everywhere the dead rose and millions died but not Joe... Another legend tells that Joe himself killed over 150 infected with his bare hands. "I left dem lookin' like a butcher's block" he said to survivors he met on his travels still destined to find his ultimate fight so he set off on the only method he knew.. On horse back hundreds of miles and hundreds of more days passed by, maybe in this new land far to the south known as Chernarus could he find what he's been looking for, for there will be no rest for Joe and no rest for the man that challenges him!
  2. *Finan confidently Presses the PTT, a still yet unfamiliar Irish accent in a low voice says* "Ready and waiting, what's your activity in the Kabanino area?" *Releases the PTT*
  3. *grabs the radio frantically and presses the PTT* "I knew there had to be more Irish, Father Mcgee where are ya situated? I wish to follow in the ways of the light" *pauses for a moment, he lifts his head in pride* "Born and raised Roman Catholic, I shall strike fear in the eyes of these demons where ever they may be!" *Swift release of the PTT, Transmission ends*
  4. Finan the Celt

    A message from the Tampa Police Department (Open Freq)

    *Tunes in and presses the PTT* "I would like to lend my assistance if you need it, I've been travelling alone for a long time and can't sit idle anymore while good people get hurt or die.." *Throws radio in frustration* *Transmission ends*
  5. *Puzzled, Finan presses the PTT* "Police? There's actually law here? Where can I find a patrol? I can donate meds, guns and ammo for yer cause lads" *Radio transmission ends
  6. *A strange Irish accent is heard over the static, a frustrated man trying to fix his radio, with a sigh of relief he presses the PTT* "AHA! Fixed it!" *Clears his throat before continuing* "Is this medical camp alive? I have supplies I wish to donate and trade! I'm sure we can all prosper from one another .. Finan is my name and if you meet me out in the wastes just know I'm here to help wherever I can." *Pauses for a moment but doesn't release the PTT, the sound of cardboard boxes can be heard thrown away* "Also I'm out of smokes" *He lets go of the PTT and the Transmission ends*
  7. Greetings from Ireland! Name is Finan the Celt ! looking forward to getting stuck into this beloved world with all you interesting folk! I'm sure there shall be many a tale to hear and tell! see ye out there !
  8. Irish tradesman born and bread in Ireland, previously was "allegedly" Involved in some illegal activities, gangs and the criminal underworld but eventually rose above it all and became a black smiths apprentice specialising in tools and horse shoes also known as a farrier, handy with an axe or hammer with no real preference to guns, as long as it shoots and kills that's all that matters, not a stranger to death but has seen enough at this point; ferociously loyal to those he calls friends and even more ferocious to his enemies! Prefers to work things out with words (the Irish charm) but doesn't mind a fight every now and again to keep fit , frowns on the use of guns unless necessary, Enjoys a laugh but not a comedian, doesn't drink much alcohol but doesn't mind a little something else every now and again. Stealing from the less fortunate or the vulnerable is something Finan takes seriously, but no problem taking from the rich. Cautious but not a coward , would rather die than become a slave (Irish mentality). the nickname "Finan the Celt" came from some backpackers near Dresden, east Germany, it was from there I decided to progress eastbound and see what state the neighbouring countries and lands were faring, the smell of death lingered in the air, I covered most of my distance by walking and it took weeks until I found a car that was road worthy enough to drive must have been driving for days until I spotted very light air craft twin engine sort of thing, I had limited experience flying planes only a week crash course when I was 18 but it looked similar enough, thankfully I could siphon the fuel from the car and what was left of that combined with a drop from a jerry can I found hiding away in the boot I got the plane to run, the only location that seemed to be keyed into the navigation system was a word "Чернарусь" which I believe to translate to Chernarus somewhere near the border of Russia, the flight path was mapped out, I was in the air for nearly 7 hours when one of the twin engines gave out, I had to make an emergency landing on the western side of Chernarus and continued walking through a thick alpine range, maybe I'll find some life anything here; there's no going back now and these lands are more bitter than I've ever felt, yet I press on.
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