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  1. sadly cant find a shovel no matter where i look, seems like shovels fell off the face of the earth..
  2. could it be a bug with the pickaxe?
  3. its one of those flat heli pad things at the tisy base, and true. this server would be cool and it would make sence if they added a build anywhere mod, would add more options for bases
  4. so building on top of a building might be my problem? hmmm
  5. i can try that, the kit is down though, would so it did let me place it there
  6. im trying to build a base, kits are down logs are in and i have the option to build base, but when i go to do it the animation doesnt start and the wheel keeps spinning? i logged off and on to see if that would fix it but it didnt
  7. French canadian tourist set in and trapped in Chernarus from a zombie apocalypse after loosing his three best friends and no way back home. with nothing to return back to he decides to try his best to rebuild what little civilization he can, with the dream of setting up a small town thriving with people and shops, or maybe just a small home for him and whoever he finds peaceful. he has a knowledge of construction and vehicles from his former jobs as both a construction worker and a vehicle technician both for big companies and small independent shops. he's peaceful in nature but is not afraid to defend himself if the situation calls for such needs.
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