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  1. Hello, I was the one who pointed the gun at Jemyni. He startled me so that was my reaction. I locked him in the jail cell, and started talking to him, asking if he had any mosin ammo and such. Didn't get a reply. I know my mic was working as me and bjorn were talking. Then he said he saw people outside and jemyni booked it out of the jail cell. I ran and closed the camo building doors, to hear someone shouting through a megaphone, i think, to come out with our hands up. me and bjorn protested and the server restarted. At some point i shot alex with the mosin when the camo doors were open, pretty sure he was part of the group that held us in the building. I ended up exiting the building and getting shot by matt after the server restart. In my opinion they role-played very well, especially with the use of the megaphone. when i got back after server restart bjorn wasnt in yet so i cant speak for anything there. I died a minute or two after the restart. Thats about all i remember from it. Just read other responses. Edits below Edit: In response to Jemyni. I didn't shoot at him until he shot at me, I fired back but missed all my rounds. He ran out after that. Edit: I met Bjorn on our way into the nwaf while in a forest. Edit: The whole situation maybe lasted 5 minutes. Edit: Not sure how Jemyni could use his radio to contact matt if me and bjorn couldn't hear him talking. I suspect a third party voice chat as we didnt hear them comminicate with each,other at all, nor did i see a radio in his hands at any time.
  2. Deployed in the first wave of troops on June 17th Pvt. Ronald and his platoon were tasked with finding a cure. A small group was separated from the platoon including Pvt Ronald, three soldiers, 2 scientists, and a doctor. Pvt. Ronald spent lots of time with the scientists learning their theories on how to find a cure. Their camp at Troitskoe Military Base was overrun and Pvt. Ronald was separated, he is the only survivor as far as he knows. He hiked to the shore of Chenarus in hopes to find the aircraft carrier he was deployed from, but he was out of luck, the sea was empty and so were his hopes of finding salvation.
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