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  1. @Onyx i don't normally record so i dont have any footage but i dont remember the incident
  2. @RandyRP one guy was called nicolas and another called jack, can't remember the full names
  3. @RandyRP me and two friends encountered this guy in putoshka, walked up behind him then he tried robbing us with a flare, we aimed our guns at him then my friend continued to handcuff him, we talked for abit after me and my friends took what we wanted from his inventory, then i lockpicked the guys handcuffs, we talked for abit longer and then when i told him to go i accidently hit him when i had the brass knuckles in my hand killing him in one punch. This is what i remember from the encounter
  4. Hi. i am sorry about this, i geniunly missclicked and did not think that one hit with brass knuckles would've killed you, unfortunatley i wasn't streaming or recording at the time
  5. bugexe


    right so this happened up Tisy then died, gotta love dayz!
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