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  1. Another Great night with @FireDude @Mademoiselle and others I didn't get the forum name; My tag along story with you two has really developed and is super cool. Can't wait to see what it becomes!
  2. KILO_Phoenix

    Sights on You

    Who's that lovely chap in the Leather Jacket?
  3. Perfection From Yours Truly.

  4. Well, Dutch Definitely had a character-defining night tonight! Cheers to seeing what that might be.

    1. strider


      It was nice meeting you!

  5. KILO_Phoenix

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    I personally was raised basically in two families being a bastard child which made religion really odd for me. Between the Southern Church of Christ and Non-denominational Christian church. As a Teenager(still, currently, am) I have gone through many readings and personal theologies. Studying the bible within great length and even writing a few small papers on such, I eventually landed upon the idea of deism the popular belief of many the great minds of European thinkers during the later years of the 18th century. Hence where I am now in my life, but I have much more time to contemplate the complex issue.
  6. KILO_Phoenix

    Where the Fudge is Everyone

    I almost always use Vybor as my staging branch for starting RP and finding new people! But beware lots of hold-ups!
  7. Just a quick question on if there is a quick and easy way to purchase credits within the US dollar as opposed to Euro?
  8. Hi, I'm Phoenix many of you may know my Character Dutch-? I really Hope I can meet some of you and get some awesome RP in! I have already had such a total BLAST and love you guys so much and would love to get involved within the staff! I adore your thought out characters and hope to brighten everyone's day a little with some good RP! if you can please do follow I'd love to meet some of Y'all!
  9. Dutch Deverick Was born and raised in New York City, up until the outbreak in Europe, In which Dutch's distant parents allowed for him to enlist at the age of 17; He was then transferred into a reaction force as a Combat medic therefor stationed in a FOB on Cyprus(where the bulk of his training transpired) ; He was sent on a supply mission into Chernarus to help any survivors via a NATO Helicopter convoy; The Pilot of Dutch's Helicopter turned mid-flight, causing a horrible crash Dutch was the only survivor out of his close friend that made up his unit; Upon regaining consciousness All his fellow soldiers turned, Dutch had to kill each and every one, he had lost contact with the rest of the NATO forces. While trying to Eliminate his fallen brothers one of the infected bite his arm; Unknown to him he was immune to the virus; which he later discovers after watching a women turn in mere hours after contact. After getting what he could from the crash site Dutch met with locals whom spoke English going on attempting to locate any and all UN/ NATO forces. To no avail; Dutch grew a great distrust for others and was and still is in constant fear of turning; with his immunity being a rough assumption. Bringing him as foreigner into a unknown land; Still holding his Soldier ideals; Wary of those around him.
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