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  1. Dutch

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Walnuts @ScarletRose @JkpFrog @[email protected] @Hanro @zsmith1111 @Method @achmedjust to name a few in that dramatic death, It truly was emotionally evoking in every way. So glad i could be apart of something like this! To have to say goodbye breaks my heart I loved out rivalry so much, can't wait to see more.
  2. Dutch


    My reaction to this whole situation lately 

  3. It cant be true
  • Dutch


    we shall see what the future holds!

    1. Xehara


      Don't be a stranger. I adore you.

  • Dutch

    The Playhouse [Limited Recruitment]

    Been Wonderful so far, Can't wait to see where this goes!
  • Dutch


    Just in case anyone was feeling a little too optimistic.

  • Dutch

    Ban Rape RP

    Let it be known, the crown jewel of this server is the unrestrictive gameplay and the lack of "shackle rules" limiting to what certain people see fit, in what is suppose to be the world, we create. The freedom to carry out horrible acts is worrisome by it doesn't even really exist, as has been stated above OOC can easily divert any sort of negative RP- -1 By all means- it isn't a good thing, and shouldn't happen. But never the less if BOTH parties consent to such an RP they by all means it is their choice alone, and could subjectively make for dramatic narratives of the negative effect of rape of the victim and the decayed mental morality of those surviving in this world. AGAIN in such aspect where both parties consent to engage in this narrative. I believe it can truly spark a discussion, and the act doesn't and shouldn't be fully RP'ed that is needless to anyone involved, "If you can put yourself in the mindset of someone cable of such a crime of rape, you yourself have a problem." Rape RP should only a tool to simply show the horrid effects that occur of such, not to play out someones sick fantasy, anything else should not be allowed in any sort of society including ours. +1 We mustn't ignore the fact victims must be disheartened to see such horrid things to be played out in a game, I couldn't truly imagine the helplessness felt by such, but I also believe this should be an environment where the victim is given power at all times to control what occurs, A place it is simply shunned to even consider such an action. As mentioned by many more, we cannot stand by and let children as many there are seeing their elders condone such acts. I think an environment like this should in many ways provides a separate world and comfort to some people, to be those they cant otherwise, That being said, we can't let people go on about thinking they can get away living out such acts through this site.~P
  • Dutch

    "Long Live Britannia"-A story idea

    Hope you all can find some amusement!-( the United States of Nova Roma- is meant to be just Nova Roma- in a war with the rebellion USNR(united states of Nova Roma) basically this worlds very different revolutionary war)
  • Dutch

    "Long Live Britannia"-A story idea

    So first and foremost, I don't expect much reaction from this I know this is a stretch in many regards but I would love to have some fun with it all. Never the less me and my life long best friend have fancied up this world! With relatively expansive lore, and would love to see what may be the community likes about it or would like to pitch in any ideas? The key concept is that Ancient Rome as we know it, never fell popular what if, the key in overcoming their many political and logical issues, is the incredibly early invention of the printing press, allowing for mass production of information counteracting the infamous overstretched roman empire and her holdings. Thus technological achievement immensely increased with Roman knowledge never be lost(along with many of the greeks ancient knowledge) Below is my VERY EARLY AND RUFF draft of the General Canon, Please inform me if anyone even cares for the many updates we have planned on this, and if there are any core issues with the idea, Thank you, any and all feedback would be loved! General Canon “With the Roman Conquest in 43 AD came the first written records of England’s history. Julius Caesar had, of course, paid earlier visits to Britain in 55 and 54 BC however these had only been to please his adoring public back home in Rome (political propaganda!). In 43 AD Emperor Claudius resumed the work of Caesar by ordering the invasion of Britain under the command of Aulus Plautius.”-Historic Uk Britiana- The certain point our story- A young youth growing up under the oppressive force of the Roman empire now fully occupying his home. The Year is 2000. The Roman Isles of Britania have been a vassal for centuries now every since the grand invasion. The Anglo-Roman Culture being embedded into the very people's way of life. The story of this troubled land begins in the miraculous history of Rome and her vassals During the attempted counter-invasion of 1066 the Romans fended off the Norse. Stern Opposers to the Roman legion. For context with the unexpected early master of the printing press came roman supremacy of the land, When of course, in approximately 150 AD mass production of knowledge because of the centermost focus of the Roman political landscape. Allowing for the massive counter to the troubling issues of stretching logistical to their far held land. With the spread of information early than ever possibly conceived came the early life of nationalism. Along with such the rapid industrialization of the Roman people. By 1066 the Romans had already achieved such wonders as gunpowder and worked their whole tactics around such. This brought the complete and utter defeat of the ‘septentrional populous’- North People. Thus to the world, we are in today. Britain has been a long complex system of somewhat autonomy to complete annexation. During the Roman age of colonialism The Vassal of Britannia was given direct control over the easternmost coastal area ‘New Europea’- This ended in disaster for the dwellers of the British Isles. The Roman government having to send multiple legionaries to deal with the constant uprisings. Ending at the end of anything close to Britain's Free governance. With such came Great discontent but many remain loyal to the familiar Latin culture, This brought upon the dubbed ‘cultural cleansing’ of Non-core roman holding including Britain Scottish Freedom Fighters-Stern Resistance has always been present in the highlands, since ancient times the Romans have had serious issues with the Scottish people, With Rome's full annexation of the highlands, came complete suppression of the local populations much leading to rioting and full-on civil strife, a complex underground resistance one of the most effective behind the Germanic and Nova Roma resistance cells - A key point for one of the main supporting characters. Nordic Union- The whole of the Scandinavian people have banded together around the time of complete roman dominance during 300 AD forming the Nordic Union; having many previous Republican/Democratic sympathizers fleeing with Roman technology making the large majority of the democratic government made up of previous Roman citizens. This forced Rome into signing various treaties preventing a full-blown invasion of the Nordic Union, if not otherwise risking millions of roman lives which could never be seen as a worthwhile military conquest. During the Roman-Slavic wars, the Nordic union intervened with many the same technology advantages the Romans had, taking a partial amount of the north Slavic lands. The Map is Not even close to done. Be kind to my tinder heart please.
  • Dutch

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    I think it's fair to say that, a compromise from both sides would be, the placement of a more advanced medical system but still allowing blood regeneration just long enough doctors mean a little more. Just an idea
  • Dutch

    More Ambient Sounds?

    personally, I would love some urban ambient sound effects, like the creaking of the massive apartment complexes just to instill that feeling of inferiority even more. Possibly even glass shards falling from broken windows and such would really make your time in the massive streets of Cherno or such much more fun.
  • Dutch



  • Dutch

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Another Great night with @FireDude @Mademoiselle and others I didn't get the forum name; My tag along story with you two has really developed and is super cool. Can't wait to see what it becomes!
  • Dutch

    Sights on You

    Who's that lovely chap in the Leather Jacket?
  • Dutch

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    Grand Idea!
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