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  1. Wilhelm Leon Wolfgang, A boy born into a prideful and prestigious family. Born to an american father,A prestigious and well known air force officer at the time and German mother a talented cosmetic surgeon , he quickly grew to a beyond comfortable lifestyle, along with his 4 other siblings, two sisters and two brothers. Growing up through his child hood to be given everything he could ever wish for.His likeness quickly aligning with his mother, as most of his family took to his father with ruff German and no interest in the culture of such, Wilhelm, or William quickly choose the no Anglo-fied version of his name, much to the ridicule of his classmates and father. He formed a close bond with his mother. That he would never lose throughout his young adult life. After leaving the household and completing his education within an private academy. Wilhelm sought a career in worldly affairs, as was custom to go through the air force and american government,This however was immediately deemed a horrid fate for him, and left his pursuit soon following enlistment one of the most prestigious medical educational facilities within his father country Germany the Berlin Medical Academy - Vorsemester Medizin. Thus Ushering in the next chapter of his life, Wilhelm finding pleasure in his privileged and luxurious life,still remained humble in his accord often finding friends within much of the 'common people' around Berlin in his time of study, quickly taking a hobby to artistic expression and in such form of tattoo's having nearly all of his body covered in due time, and working on who ever would allow his own works of art. Now working as a Plastic Surgeon, with the unnecessary side 'job' of tattoo laying and occasionally modeling with his religious and pain staking maintenance of an extremely fit body and natural beauty. Wilhelm seemingly had a picture perfect life, and he held true to a strong moral code, his religious convictions being the foundation for such, later being lost throughout time. vowing to do what ever he could with his extensive surgical and medical knowledge.This Moral code and affirmation playing a key role in his involvement with the chenorussian outbreak, joining the ranks as a Red Cross surgical staff member he quickly went to help with the declining situation,in a desperate to save what he was under the impression was a rather contained matter. Following his Brothers who both joined the american military having been deployed months before his arrival. It was made clear to Wilhelm quickly that this was more than a simple humanitarian effort but a desperate attempt to contain whatever hell on earth had arrived, Wilhelm made a desperate attempt to go home to no avail remaining stranded in the country he knew nothing about, fearing for the worst of his beloved mother, and his surely doomed family within Germany.Coming to terms with his desertion, and being in no way fit to make any journey home, him and his large group of red cross staff members with a few UN peacekeepers quickly hunkered down awaiting the rumored NATO e vac from the area, Wilhelm becoming a unspoken leader among there ranks,previously having been the senior most experienced surgeon at the location. For a few months they remained in a broken down hospital along the coast, helping whomever came by avoiding hostile relations with any local forces by offering medical assistance.This in time proved useless as a group of Masked survivors came by and slaughtered a large majority of Wilhelm's group. Due to Wilhelm refusal to kill for them, this leaving a traumatic mark on his conscious twisting his trust into an almost non-existent part of who he was betraying his previous religious convictions. Still holding true to his Moral code. He took what he could and left blaming himself for the massacre of those he attempt to protect. An outcast and having no logical way home. He took to the mountains cowering from any human contact, maintaining himself with a stockpile of a years worth of food intended for 30 men.Soon leaving his isolation, roaming from group to group of survivors hiding his medical knowledge fearing he will be used as a pawn for others use in a cruel world. Remaining extroverted and social in a false hope of brightening what little humanity remains in a crumbling world.
  2. Goodbye Toymakers couldn't have asked for a better family. Sleep tight


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      Ja, das ist wunderbar. 


  4. RIP Derek we never talked but like, sick rp bro

  5. You bring up various good points, I cant disagree on that accord with campfire rpers, I haven't as of late seen the pvp groups really been brutally harsh on the rpers whom stay out of there way. Although as a member of the playhouse we often make far better choices than some other rp groups. I appreciate the good words about our camp,Even with our characters IC hostilities. I wish you the best and am thankful for you bringing this to light,in A far less toxic manner. Finding a balance amongst these two is at the very least a core principle in how we can maintain a healthy community.
  6. DutchBoat?

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  7. Julian lived a simplistic life during his childhood, Having a stable family with him and his many sibling.Up until his fathers disastrous dishonorable discharge from the armed forces, forcing Julian and his large family into scrabbling by in a semi-isolated 'village' within north-western Texas. Julian being the eldest of his seemingly countless brothers and sisters quickly took on the role of 'protector' in the ruff gang filled neighborhoods he and his family often became entangled in. The small 'village' Julian and his family grew up in was owned by a predominantly German gang The sons of silence, causing chaos in the surrounding area with strict dictatorial control of the area.Julian as he grew elder with the decline of his fathers health fell into the position of the one responsible for defending his often abused family. When the Germanic Gang carried out the murder of one of Julian's younger sisters Cleo, he was thrown into a fit of rage and successfully hunted down and killed 4 out of 5 of the alleged killers, coining him the name 'Jaeger' by the gangs leadership. Which ironically over time and shown resilience Julian saw the gang as the only form of protection in a world of crime,with his successful vengeance he was already known among-st the gangs leaders and was surprisingly offered among their ranks . Attempting to use his now solidified position within the sons of silence ranks to protect his younger brothers and sister.Julian never let his time within the dark and demented gang turn his moral character away from who he really was,and that at the heart of it all was a protector and fighter. As soon as he was of age,Julian went to enlist within the UN armed forces. Deploying quickly into Chenarus following the 2017 outbreak.Having now obviously no return to his family.Julian found himself lost in a world he didn't understand. As he had before Julian finds himself clinging the strongest power. Finding where his loyalty's lie protecting anyone he can from injustice and needless pain.
  8. Dutch Deverick, at last, is dead.

    The character allowed me to meet some amazing people and have so many countless memories i cant even  recount them all in good time. This Server and this character as incredibility annoying as he was, brought so much joy to my life and truly allowed me to have countless hours of fun. Good time and bad I loved it all,allowing me to grow as a person and a character making a villain I loved being. Onto the next. A video coming soon in memory of the villainous  bastard.

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      RIP 😭😭

  9. Personally after the removal of the UN i have felt that there is a overflow of evil groups or neutral factions with no predominate 'good' force in the country I would love to this come to the game!
  10. @Walnuts @ScarletRose @JkpFrog @[email protected] @Hanro @zsmith1111 @Method @achmedjust to name a few in that dramatic death, It truly was emotionally evoking in every way. So glad i could be apart of something like this! To have to say goodbye breaks my heart I loved out rivalry so much, can't wait to see more.
  11. My reaction to this whole situation lately 

  12. we shall see what the future holds!

  13. Been Wonderful so far, Can't wait to see where this goes!
  14. Just in case anyone was feeling a little too optimistic.

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