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  1. Honda Tizuki Honda Tizuki was born on a cold night fall night, 5th of October 1975 In a suburban town just south of Seattle Washington called Tacoma. A town of just over 100,000 at the time. Sprucing with rich new and upcoming industrial site, casinos, and fishing port. The town was very busy. if you weren't in one of the three businesses you weren't notices. Honda graduated High school and went to go work for one of the Famous fishing ports of Tacoma. "The New Aisles" The specialized in fishing all over the world. Honda works there for about 7 years, saving every extra pennies he had bec
  2. Yes!!! I will buy them all. Supply create opening montage incoming.
  3. I love seeing new groups pop up! Gets me all hot and bother— coughs Seeing this roster, I know for sure the rp you guys bring to the table will be top notch. Best of luck! oh those graphics are sick!
  4. tz

    DayZRP 21.5.2

    If someone finds me a katana. I’ll PayPal you $15 I think this update is what we’ve all been waiting for. Very nice
  5. throw both groups side by side. I can see a lot of differences. I think before assuming one as the other, as far as similarities, let the ig rp decide that. This group page is absolutely amazing. More than just nice. Time and effort has been thrown into this I can not even fathom. kudos @N1RUand co. I’ve already witnessed some of the rp from this group and it is top notch. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see what this group does to persuade the lore.
  6. -1 Visually looks kinda weird and awkward. I think perhaps it’d look a ton better if it was behind the back. interesting nonetheless.
  7. Phuong Lee 1993-2021 Cause of death: Negative reaction to vaccine- resulting in heart failure. Last words: “who are you, where at i? I don’t feel good. Please I want to go home.” OOC notes: had a blast! Phuong Lee was so excited to get the vaccine! So eager to help science- easily persuaded! Really enjoyed his short story!
  8. So i PK'd two characters today... Phuong Lee AKA Han Lee 2.0 @Jackfish and inner circle - great RP today! I really enjoyed all of it. the entire situation had me on the edge of my seat! @[email protected] keep doing what yall do best! the medical RP you guys bring to the table is top notch! @Craig& @Rosariolove seeing you guys in game! Always a great time with The Transporters. Han Lee 3.0 SoonTM Luis Martinez AKA the short lived shit talker @Geeknice seeing you again! WOW been so long @beatbapple669 @kalyri & @Ethan-J yall
  9. Interesting group. nice graphics. Solid goals. Get that roster up and I’m sure you’ll be approved in no time good luck out there komrad
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