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  1. Perhaps not, my name only consists of lower case
  2. Doesn’t blend well.
  3. I wish I could beanz staff feedback condition is improving
  4. Condition poor: could really use some fried chicken
  5. interesting to see you on here good luck boys smile
  6. Besides the ratio of this thread getting re opened this is the funniest shit I’ve seen so far the fresh prince got the internet acting up
  7. Yessss!!!!!! so it continues! Chris Rock leaned into it pretty good.
  8. Got some fresh prince 5’s today. Super stoked got them at low price condition +100
  9. You are a shining star in someone’s eyes. Chin up
  10. I didn’t skip to the end of the video to find out if devs were vaccinated.
  11. Yes they should. I don’t know what In game activity looks like for staff at the moment but i can’t imagine those numbers being very good. On the forum side, they achieve the highest medals of honor. I haven’t played in a few months- no interest so I don’t really blame some of the staff folks I’d love to participate further in this discussion though I feel as if I continue - I may hurt feelings most sensitive. god bless dayzrp much love
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