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      Excited to be here!

  2. ***WIP*** ~Hiro Nguyen~ Cold air finds its way through the creases of the poorly designed metal structure- the air would have a slight smell to it. the sound of waves can be heard. The local birds fly over obnoxiously making as much noise as they can. The boys eyes would open as he would be woken by his surroundings. The noises were muffled and all was dark. Where the fuck am I? Where are my glasses? A note would slip through the cracks of the door. Footsteps and laughter could be heard running away in the distance. The boy would flee back to the steel walls, the hair on his neck would stand. He would wait for a few hours until he built up the courage to grab the note. His vision would be blurry without his glasses. He would not be able to see nor read in this current state of mind and fear. The note would read: "You don't deserve the fate that is upon you, luck is not on your side. May fate be with you, may you find your purpose." The note would have a bloody finger print beneath the literature. After handling the note, the boy would notice the sight of blood on the note- this would make him anxious and take a step back. *CRUNCH* The sound of broken glass could be heard beneath his left foot. His foot would feel warm. "FUCK, you have to be kidding me" he would become flustered and hit the steel next to him and regret his decision almost right after "OK OK what the hell is wrong with me. it was just an accident. I can fix this. I think i can fix this." He fell to his knees and began to contemplate his next actions. "FUCK THESE GLASSES" Doubt of what was behind the door, he got up and walked with his hands in front of him. Using the steel walls as a guide to the opening of the door he pushed the door open and was met with a gust of chilling wind and mist from the white ocean in front of him. He would step forward- his feet would sting from the snow beneath and become numb. "Where am I? where the f--" He would stop him self from speaking before noticing tall structures off in the distance. He'd begin to walk and with every step notice the feeling of the cold ground beneath him. The numbness of the initial steps would wear off. Despite being mainly focused on the blurry structures ahead of him, he would begin to think about the steel structure he was inside, but unable to see what it was and venturing further and further away from it- he would turn around to confront this thought. "Oh my God" The weight of what he could see, although being blurry, would become unbearable. Had left a red trail of blood with every step he took. ***WIP***
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      A great character, and personally one of the most memorable in Nyheim. 


      Thanks for being Monty's friend until the end. Now they can be together 😢

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      @SaltedI miss eight. Eight > Monty

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      Eight > Any character

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      Aw, I'll miss Kai. ❤️

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      gunna miss kai o7

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      Thank you! @Gaylaxyhelped me out. Thanks again man ❤️

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    Despite the lack of updates, it doesn't look all that bad. The basic animations are there and its functional, which IMO is what counts. Id love to see this added to the server. Brings me back to the good ol Arma 2 days where the dirt bike was a beast along side the bicycle. +1
  10. Congrats on you promotion Shilo!

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