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  1. Jay always liked playing sports and reading fantasy novels. As such he grew up playing with swords and working a lot on teams. One day when a Renaissance fair came into his town he decided to apply to be a knight on a whim! While his family was a bit startled they were happy he'd found something he truly enjoyed. Through the friendly fair people he learned much about swordplay. He decided to work for the fair full time and followed them on their travels, saying goodbye to his father and brothers who stayed home to keep the family car shop running. As part of the fair family he learned a lot about surviving in medieval times, hunting, campfire cooking, basic weapon and armor maintenance, leather working, etc. it was like living a dream. Eventually he won a tournament earning himself a masterfully crafted bastard sword that was no mere display item. It was during their travels through Chernarus that the disaster struck, the entire troupe got wiped out except for Jay. He mourned them and did his best to bury them but when they started getting back up he freaked. He didn't have time to pack up his tent but he grabbed a bag, his sword, and some supplies and then headed for the hills.
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