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  1. In the Beginning he lived a normal life with a nice mom and dad who were both lawyers until one night his dad had ended his own life causing him to go into a mental downward spiral giving him a intense Lust for power and his mother to turn to drugs which had severely weaken his families economic standing which caused William in his quest for power to became a TSA to make money and feel in charge eventually hearing about the troubles of Chernarus he set off during the civil war hoping to capitalize on a power vacuum as a warlord
  2. in my opinion i find it very easy to take hostages currently making it longer would remove much of the risk of taking hostages doe personally i find complying usually leads to everyone having more fun
  3. anyone hear about that new up and coming E-Sports team?

  4. Bye Boys ? was fun...

  5. "i just wanted to say you have the sweetest FAT cock on the whole server"

  6. True I shot my wall (with a firearm) well playing DayzRP
  7. @FalkRP Bobby loves you as well never really met your character besides i think a hostage situation or 2 but tonight was great ?
  8. SexyPutin


    host Squad RP and we can all RP PTSD together
  9. Good bye Bobby says lotta great times but we had to go (also sorry about the car and things) love you ?
  10. i love fan art ?


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