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  1. SexyPutin

    Death = PK

    I don't think this should be forced on anyone but maybe a fun little challenge you could do your self if you wanted I have a few characters where if it killed by a player I will just PK I don't know if I would do ANY death but maybe for a challenge someday
  2. Bobby had a long day Bobby was first scared by the huge horde of women repeating "hello Bobby" and "hi Bobby" actually gonna give me nightmares then Bobby met Noah @FireDude a friend from Bobby's good old days with green mountain then Bobby got shot by the house on accident with minimal damage because I guess your bullets just don't penetrate Bobby skin Bobby after had for the first time someone tries to fix his grammar although it was through beating and threating bobby I think it was Balot who did that Bobby has a bad memory then Bobby ran into a few people before his rest I believe are Lawrence, Pheonix, Henry, Conner, and nix sorry if Bobby does not know your names bobby a lazy boy Bobby Gonna Cry if you do what you do it again actually the most terrifying thing i have seen in ages
  3. SexyPutin

    Ladies Together

    Bobbys worst nightmare
  4. Kale Grew up in a small town in Alaska known as Juno where he and his two childhood friends went to a Catholic school. he called them Gale and Snail as their nicknames they gave him kale cause he eats too many veggies at first it was a normal group of friends all innocent and good but after a girl named Stacy had cheated on both Snail and Kale they had gotten a bit upset and had taken to harassing people in their town in very small ways like digging potholes in peoples yard and drawing walls with crayons. despite them doing petty crimes they had thought they were really cool for doing it and had become rather cocky meanwhile their friend gale had been getting bullied and had decided to change his name to rex and always wore a helmet however his friends still called him Gale. Gale had introduced the other two to motorcycles and showed movies about biker gangs and how cool they were the boys wanted to be them and had gotta all the biker stuff they ever want leather jackets bikes with flames and Gale had even gotten Knuckle Dusters at one point and he used them to destroy his grandma's vase. with the boys ready to go biking they did everything together like all riding bikes naked road traffic and making watermelon bombs. they had all become obsessed with a small Chernarussian YouTuber known as "ChernarusBikeBoy" he had uploaded biking trick videos and was hosting a very small betting race in Chernarus and even doe being a small irrelevant youtube the boys had to get into one of his videos so they had done everything they could to go out for the next one and they had made it being overly cocky he had bet everything on a race including their bike pink slips leaving them stranded in Chernarus where they had no bikes but decided to rob local gas stations and simply do crime in the region hoping that they would find a way home or make their home here. (currently a work in progress character)
  5. i feel like i know you but i dont but then i remember no offense but your forgettably rememberable
  6. His Parents are Finnish immigrants in the US and had given birth to Matti in California growing up they discovered he had very unstable memory and also did not like to eat.later on they learned he was very insane however mostly in harmless ways for like going on a rant about something that had no or little importance to anything they were doing he also cares very little for others and goes off topic a lot he is often described as socially desensitized and care little about how people view him and often treat people like animals sometimes literally. when he failed school his parents tried to send him to a therapist which made him very upset because he was on a craze about becoming the new emperor of Finland and had started sailing around the world looking for Finland however after 3 days he had already forgotten where he was and what he was doing and started traveling the world after other weird quests. After some time he had ended up in Chernarus about 12 years after leaving the US with no contact to anyone from his past life and not knowing where anyone is however he is looking for a friend he had met in Germany known to him only as Mr. Sternburgher at least that's what he calls him.
  7. SexyPutin

    Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I always appreciate myself and I find if I ever do feel down viewing myself a separate person or as a character in a book I feel much better about myself viewing myself as an equal to everyone else I guess What's your favorite book/author?
  8. @Xehara Fun Stalking and capturing, dont know the 2 people who helped (Sorta on accident) but thanks it was interesting. that 2 strangers had helped with Bobby going insane. @Lyca Bobby dont know the rest of the judgement people were. but a lot of fun even if Bobby was a bit silent to you people (he was thinking about things) gave Bobby interesting questions about Bobby and also showed Bobby his name is being slandered Bobby Sad
  9. SexyPutin

    Robert is dead

    I think Dan (my character) was the person who bullied you sorry Robert
  10. Everyone at Novaya. Thanks for letting me be an asshole for a few hours (until I guess pushed it with @MoodyOG) but I forgive ya it was a pretty funny way to go
  11. if they spoke in the third person yep that was me
  12. PAST Daniel grew up in Boston with his brother Mike who had done very well in school and went on to college. Daniel, however, despite doing well in school had dropped out because of an underground crime business which dealt with drugs and assassinations. Daniel had become very good at dealing with people who opposed his little mafia and had killed 3 people well living in the US well remaining uncaught. Daniel had distanced himself from almost all of his family except for his brother Mike who he cared deeply about and had always stayed in close contact with him. INFECTION Daniel had spent most of his time during the infection in America but after getting word that his Brother had gone to Chernarus on some sort of political mission. Daniel had got contact with a man from Turkey and was able to get a one-way plane to turkey from there he had taken a boat to get to Chernarus. However, upon getting there, he had heard large rumors of a man who may have killed his brother Mike and Daniel was seeking revenge.
  13. SexyPutin

    Green Mtn. Radio [One-way Broadcast Freq.]

    The frequency fizzles "Oh Bobby thinks he got it working. Um he.. hello Chernarus I am Bobby, uh yes bobby's name is Bobby and Bobby is announcing a new Broadcast for green mountain radio that Bobby will call Exploring With Bobby. in this broadcast, Bobby will be traveling to cities all around Chernarus to tell you people about good travel routes, local food different groups, and their cultures in that area." "The first city we have is Zelenogorsk located just south-west of green mountain. interviewing locals Bobby has found to be difficult for example there is a group who call themselves Hobo Depot who had greeted Bobby by what they describe to be a hobo death fight which seems to involve the beating and ruining of Bobby and his clothes. However, Bobby has been told by what they seem to view as a leader that they are a traveling group that doe not like staying in one place for more than a month so they should be away from the Zelenogorsk area soon Bobby thinks." "However Bobby has also met other locals in Zelenogorsk a couple with the man claiming that he was born and raised in Zelenogorsk. The man informs Bobby that the city is run by the Kozlovs who do not like foreigners especially Russian and middle-eastern and don't like people going into military or government buildings like police stations and hospitals. The man also said to Bobby that the local attractions would be the well where you will find most travelers going and the pub. when Bobby asked for any local foods they eat the man had said vodka so Bobby has made a recipe for the city Bobby it the Red Zelenogorsk soup with cooking help from a good friend. the way to make it will be to fill a cooking pot with vodka and simply throw anywhere from 4 to 7 tomatoes in and heat it up and that should allow you to truly experience the culture of the city. the man had also warned of the large infected Groups being common in the city and would not recommend traveling through the city without someone to watch your back. that is all Bobby has to report on the current city of Zelenogorsk."
  14. if I were you I would get more ram but everything else seems fine :)
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