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  1. Bye Boys πŸ™‚Β was fun...

  2. "i just wanted to say you have the sweetest FAT cock on the whole server"

  3. 2014: Growing up in the northern state of Minnesota more specifically northern Minneapolis he had a pretty good education and a peaceful life until high school he had made friends with some intercity boys and had partook in some muggings in his youth however was not particularly a fan of them until he was held at gun point by his own Homie in his own living room named Brandon over a small bit of weed well the situation was going down Walters brother Colby who he cared for deeply walked in the room and out of a startle was shot in the head by Brandon, out of panic Brandon ran off. 2017: Living in the US during the infection has been relatively easy compared to most people Walter however had taken his life fortunate position for granted. When he heard Rumor of Brandon in turkey he madly set out heading through Canada to Alaska taking a small trip across the pacific to Russia where he had spent the last few years slowly navigating his way down to Chernarus where he plans to sail to turkey from however he starts to ponder what killing Brandon will even accomplish after traveling so far and with this reluctance he decides to wait in Chernarus well he ponders what to do however it may not be the peaceful Slavic land he was looking for to get his head straight.
  4. True I shot my wall (with a firearm) well playing DayzRP
  5. @FalkRP Bobby loves you as well never really met your character besides i think a hostage situation or 2 but tonight was great
  6. SexyPutin


    host Squad RP and we can all RP PTSD together
  7. Good bye Bobby says lotta great times but we had to go (also sorry about the car and things) love you
  8. i love fan art πŸ™‚


  9. Bobby Loves you all πŸ™‚

    1. Mademoiselle


      Don’t you lie to me 😭

    2. SexyPutin


      sorry 😞

      lying is haram

  10. POV: was in the compound when we were initiated on and the 2 children were complying and i recall someone telling them from wolf pack to stay where they were as to not get shot accidentally pretty quickly i walked in front of a window and was shot
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