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  1. VikingHunter

    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    I was enjoying watching that first video... Until I realised I'm being killed in one of the clips.
  2. Akachi Akunda, My first character. One of the last remaining members of the Saviours. Left a mark during his time as being one of the most 'creative' torturers along with his twin brother, WInjab. Until Moody was Thanos snapped so now Akachi lives off of animal meat and literally never enters a big town. I still play him on occasion.
  3. I'll answer these one by one... 1. We were travelling, so on the move. 2. We had fires inside and outside, all with the exact same effect 3. None of our clothing was showing as wet in our inventory, as we theorised that perhaps clothing being 'damaged' could make us colder, but none of my clothing was damaged. 4. Temperature bar went down at an alarming rate, and went up at a very slow rate. When standing by a fire the temp bar still went down until about 3 minutes of standing next to the fire. 5. The health meter changed after the temperature meter came out of blinking, but it took too long to register as becoming warm for my buddy. 6. None of us were sick, we weren't injured except from the cold, we were all fully clothed, I'm in full Field Gear with a balaclava etc and my buddies were also wearing similar. We weren't taking any vitamins if that's what you mean as none of us were sick/had been sick. 7. After using a fire until we were normal temp and health again, we must have been running for around 10 minutes before my buddy had blinking temp and a decreasing health again. Also yes, I see where you're coming from. I can assure I understand DayZ's mechanics, I have more than enough hours
  4. I feel there's an issue with getting clothed anyway, when my buddy respawned he was almost dead within 15 minutes from freezing as a freshspawn. Giving him minimal time to get anywhere that has decent clothing spawns. It definitely needs tweaking, we went on a supply run for axes etc, used 3 until they were ruined to make fires last long enough to get us warm. Fires took forever to warm us up, only to become freezing again in 10 minutes.
  5. Me and my buddies have been on for over 2 hours, fully clothed. We have had to make 5 fires in this time as all of a sudden our temperatures will drop and begin to blink. Our health drops at an alarming rate even while running. Then when we make a fire our temperature takes a good 3 minutes to register as going back up, causing one of my buddies to die. The rate the cold effects you at is way to fast and way too intense in my opinion, especially when you're fully clothed and on the move. Would love to here some peoples views on this.
  6. What a legend, was fantastic running into you and your friend and you showed such a high level of roleplay. I was trying to defy expectations because there's usually obvious assumptions when people are geared at North West Airfield. It seems we did that well Cx Enjoy the gloves. Winter is here...
  7. VikingHunter

    Hector, Red's in trouble. (OPEN)

    *Danny pauses for a moment before pressing the PTT...* "This ain't Hector, and it don't sound like he's comin'. Where you headed? I'll meet you there and help you out." The background echoes, Danny is clearly in a large empty room of sorts, you hear his voice echo through the radio before the transmission cuts
  8. VikingHunter

    The Mob

  9. Danny laughs roughly down the radio, the laugh quickly turning into a coughing fit "Oh boy... What's this, the fifth attempt you guys have tried 'fixing' everything?"
  10. *The radio comes to live, Danny sounding much more calm than last time* "Nothing now, got it sorted... Lieutenant? Military's long gone."
  11. *Shaking, Danny turns on his radio to a random frequency and speaks feintly* "The barn west of Zabolotye-" he tries to swallow, but his mouth is too dry "Assistance would b- be appreciated..." *The radio is heard hitting the floor as Danny passes out again*
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Discord Ban [Kratos#0973] Why the verdict is not fair: I wasn't even aware I was banned. I thought I had been kicked as me and another person who's name I can remember [This was months ago] got into a petty argument and were both [what I thought] kicked, I got vexxed and downright refused to rejoin the discord for a while, stubborn of me I know. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It was the pettiest argument you could imagine, petty insults too, none that I can remember specifically. This whole time I only thought I'd been kicked. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An unban from the discord. What could you have done better?: Not let people get to me as easily. Which is something since that point I have done, especially if I don't know them.
  13. VikingHunter

    The Mob

    You too bud, wish you the best. Same to you, was fun.
  14. VikingHunter

    The Mob

    Thank you for the lies to get me removed from your group. Thank you for coming up with a verdict before you let me speak. I wish you the best.
  15. VikingHunter

    Choose your spawnpoint

    Please... I can't walk any further... My legs ACHE
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