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  1. Hello! I guess I'll start this up! So.. I am looking for: - A pristine Bible - Speed loaders for both a magnum and double barrel. - Any scope for an M4 - A double mag for the M4 Willing to trade: - Ammunition for almost any weapon - Pristine PKU SKS scope, as well as the weapon itself - FNX 45 Mag - 1911 Mag - An O- blood bag - A IV saline bag - Foods/drinks I am currently stationed around Berezino, but I don't mind making a trip
  2. Hello everyone, Today after the second restart that my character was alive for, all of the gear in my main and side inventory was cleared. What is weird is that after the first restart everything was there... My toolbelt and bag items also were still there. It was a very weird bug. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, Just got my application accepted and I am very excited to say the least!! Looking forward to meet and learn all about your survivor stories in game! Til then!