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  1. OldSchool

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    • Xehara

    22 minutes ago, Xehara said:

    Banned for never RPing with me

    LIE! First time we met on a road, your friend was rude to me because of my Russian accent. I offered you food but you three had some place to be to rescue a friend. The next time we met at your place in Pustoshka, you had just been taken care of by a doctor, you were still under the effects of the drugs, so the timing was really bad. I go by "Skavy", try to remember next time. 😛

    1. Xehara


      Oh man I'm super bad with names. I'll try to remember!

    2. OldSchool


      It's ok, they were short encounters, I understand that you also probably meet tons of people seeking you out on a daily basis so, don't worry about it, I'm just teasing you dummy 😛

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