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"This is going to hurt, maim, kill. -- But I'm all in."

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  1. Xehara

    G19's Crab Rave Appeal

    Staff has reviewed your appeal and decided to accept it. Please be more mindful of your discord activity. Appeal Accepted Signed: @Derek Steel, @Onyx and @Xehara
  2. Xehara

    losing faith in justice.

    Staff has reviewed your appeal and have decided to accept it as your PoV has now been posted. In regards to the report, we saw no rule breaks on your behalf. In the future please be more diligent on the forums and post your PoV as soon as possible. Appeal Accepted Signed: @Derek Steel and @Xehara
  3. Xehara

    S1: KoS in Chernogorsk - 15/06/2019 02:13

    @Axel Volaris Thank you for your PoV, your temp ban has been removed. Please keep an eye on this report incase we have more questions.
  4. Xehara

    Hello o7

  5. Xehara

    S2 Killed KOS no radio died by someone else

    Please update your post using the template seen in this post: Not doing so within the next 24 hours will result in your report being closed.
  6. Xehara

    S1: KoS in Chernogorsk - 15/06/2019 02:13

    @Dman thank you for your PoV, please keep an eye on the report in case we have more questions. Your temp ban has been lifted.
  7. Xehara

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was awesome running into you!
  8. Xehara

    Possible ghosting

    @jereme511 Were you shot or hit in this interaction? Anything that might help us narrow down the suspects.
  9. Xehara

    S1 Northwest airfeld Invalid execution

    Staff has reviewed this report and are fine closing the report. Please keep in @Savage mind that because @Mr Smoking Dog was not in an approved group with the other party member, you did not gain kill rights on him due to his friend not complying. This was an unreasonable demand as @Mr Smoking Dog was not in control of his friend's actions, which was to not comply and run for fear of his life. //Closed Signed: @Derek Steel, @Mademoiselle and @Xehara
  10. Xehara

    S1 Griefing

    @JobScholten I cannot find any position logs for your base at 11am, or the hour leading up to 11am. Is this server time?
  11. Xehara

    Whats good , good lookin's

  12. Xehara

    AaronH - Nice To Meet Ya

  13. Xehara

    Hello everybody!

  14. Xehara

    Hey, my name is Muhzy

  15. Xehara

    Conceived Notions: Constance

    I remember the sound of twigs cracking under feet, the same sharp break that became a bullet aimed for his back. I remember the deafening silence that followed, walking around in the woods and then laying down. I'm still present, trapped here watching as they move me to the back seat of the car, Marcus driving while Kase holds my head in his lap and tries to get me to respond. I can hear him, I know he's there, I can hear the concern in his voice that sounds so starkly different from his usual even tone. I keep telling them I feel everything. I feel my emotions and other's emotions as if they were my own. Sometimes it's hard to know the difference, and sometimes it's too much. Then I feel nothing, just this numbness that makes it hard to do anything but lay here trapped in my own mind. The feeling of the pavement under the rushing tires is soothing, but then so is the feeling of his fingers in my hair. Our final stop seemed an odd choice, I won't lie, but then this was where we all became family. A final stop on the tour to return Kase's memory, or maybe the starting line for new ones. I always did like the smell of gasoline.
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